Style Crush – Olivia Palermo

I have a style crush and her name is Olivia Palermo. If you are a fan of “The City” then you know her as the semi-bitchy socialite who works in PR for Diane Von Furstenberg. I have only seen the show a few times and have always admired her look but never realized until now how much I am in love with her style.

She takes classic labels and puts a young twist to each to make it her own. High heels, statement necklaces and figure hugging styles has me wanting to copy every look she puts together. If only I had her money (sigh!)

Olivia sat down with Grazia back in September and told them her style rules. Here are some of my favourites:

1. In every outfit, I always try and incorporate a single trend, but in a subtle way.
2. I always like to wear one very structured piece, like a great jacket or a skirt.
3. My favourite jewellery is chunky. I like to wear one big statement piece, a ring, a bracelet or a necklace.
4. I like to wear a heel.
5. One great piece can take you through an entire season.

Not only does she have great style but she also has great hair…I think I have a hair crush too!
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