3 December, 2014

Stutterheim Raincoats at PMQ – the coolest coats in town!

3 December, 2014
Weather here in Hong Kong leaves much to be desired. Perhaps the two nicest things that I can say about it are firstly, I’m glad I don’t have to deal with snow. Secondly, it provides constant small talk fodder for the escalator/elevator/bus stop/what-have-you slog as you’ll always has something to say. We’ve written an array of columns about how to deal with the heat, the cold, your hair, and even styled a shoot or two for trekking it in the rain. Now however, I bring you my favourite piece of advice for making it around Hong Kong during the constant drizzle, black rainstorms and T8s that always creep up. The answer is Stutterheim.

stutterheim celebs

Before I delve into the glory of this cool raincoat company, I must first tell you these coats have protected the backs of music gods Jay Z, Kanye, and even Lorde (who was recently here in Hong Kong playing the Pradasphere launch), so they really don’t need a grand introduction. Nevertheless, I stopped by the showroom to see these coats first hand and learn a bit more about why they are the top pick among these musical heavy hitters and why these coats are a good fit for the ‘Kong.

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Alexander Stutterheim founded the brand only recently, but it is based on a very old idea. His grandfather was a fisherman and would brave the weather day after day for his catch. He donned a large tent-like raincoat that protected him from the elements. One day, many years later, Alexander discovered the coat and all the memories of his childhood flooded back… He was inspired to take the jacket and make a new version fit for today’s modern look. What started as a pattern on his floor soon turned to a small factory that could hand make the coats on an as-needed basis. Soon, the rubberised cotton cloth coat was born! All the seams are taped and sealed, and each coat is signed and numbered by the seamstress that created the garment. Coats are available either in the pop-up here in Hong Kong, or if you need a different size a new coat will be produced back in Sweden!


After getting the lowdown on the brand and the history, I then made it my mission to try on every coat I could! First, I slipped into the classic version ($2,850), then the cape style ($2,850) and finally I tried out the long variety ($3,050), which happened to be my favourite…


I immediately placed an order for a black and white long coat and within a few weeks I received a call that it was ready for pick up. While waiting for my coat to arrive, I crossed my fingers day after day that the rain would hold off. Now that the coat is in my possession, it seems that there’s just far too much sun for my liking!

Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 3.35.26 PM

The coats are available in a host of colours including a lovely Sassy pink for spring! The SS15 collection is available for pre-order now though it won’t arrive until January. Size wise, the coats run big. This is great because you can layer them over blazers or sweaters and still feel comfortable.


The hoods have two seams running along the top so that the material falls at an angle around your face without blocking your vision, like a coat with a single seam down the centre would.Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 3.18.54 PM
The sleeves are nice and long ensuring that whatever you wear underneath stays dry. I love my coat with extra length because I can even wear a pencil skirt and not fret about water soaking the bottom half of my outfit. It’s below my knees… and I am 6 foot tall!

Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 3.22.48 PM

Another plus is the jackets are unisex, so you can say that you are buying it for your bf then “borrow” it every time it rains! The capes are a great alternative if you ride a bike (I’m talking to you Lamma islanders) as the shape drapes over everything, from handlebars to hips, keeping you protected while pedalling.


Stutterheim is hosting a pop-up that is on now through the month of December at PMQ. There you can try on the coats in a range of colours, prints, and sizes, and if they have what you want you can buy it on the spot or you can order exactly what you want if you don’t see it on the racks. While there, be sure to check out the great guy gifts from Skultana and the masculine furnishings from Timothy Oulton. The Stutterheim raincoat is one item that should be firmly planted on your holiday wish must-get list! You will wish for downpours only so that you can toss on your Stutterheim and hope to bring up the brand in the elevator conversation. Rain, we are ready for you!

Stockholm Limited will sell present three brands during a Pop-Up shop in PMQ, for one month (Nov 25-Dec 25). Store S207 in PMQ!


All photos in this article were taken by the highly talented Michelle Proctor!






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