15 January, 2013

35 Ways To Wear A Scarf… Sassy style!

15 January, 2013

It is here and it is wonderful! I am, of course, referring to those few weeks when we can wear jackets, tights, coats and you guessed it… scarves! You may think you know how to wear a scarf but I have a few tricks up my ol’ sleeve to take your little winter warmer into an all-out accessory of its own! Thanks to the Internet, a few creative friends and my own imagination, I bring you 35 ways to wear a scarf… Sassy style!


Orange and red scarves from Solo Per Te; yellow, red/blue print, orange/navy print, and dark green scarves by A Peace Treaty (available at The9thMuse)

The easiest way is just to wrap it around you! You can do this with any pashmina you already own to keep the chill off you when you are glammed up for a night out. You can also go for a more casual version with one of these thicker printed pieces (my personal faves) by A Peace Treaty and belt it for a boho vibe. The red scarf from Solo Per Te actually has buttons on the end making the back look like a vest of sorts. Layer these big blankets over jeans and a sweater with some show-stopping boots and you have a look that is perfect for a weekend of wandering around town. Can I suggest you check out our Weekender for things to do?!


All scarves by A Peace Treaty (available at The9thMuse)

Shorter thinner scarves work well for twisting around and tying in knots. No matter your height, you can rock these with ease but they especially look great on petite girls! Pop these on when you need a little colour and texture added to your look; while they will help keep you warm, they are really more for fashion than function, so don’t forget to wear a coat and thick socks! Try topping your maxi dress and cardi combo with one of these to winterize it even further. Toss on your moto jacket and you are ready for a chill Saturday brunch (a few of our faves are here)!


All scarves by A Peace Treaty (available at The9thMuse)

Long thick scarves require a bit of height so you don’t risk looking like you are being smothered. Feel free to loop these around as many times as they will go for a bit of drama or try knotting it like a tie for a real statement! These would be gorgeous over a sweater dress, especially a turtleneck. Add some thick black tights and over-the-knee boots for a conservative yet alluring date look.


Grey scarf by Symmetry Goods, green check scarf by Wintercheck Factory (both available from The9thMuse)

Besides those simple large squares and rectangle shapes you’re familiar with, there are some new styles creeping in to the mix. This gray plaid scarf by Symmetry Goods actually boasts grommets all around the edges of the scarf and comes with a leather strap that hooks on anywhere you please, not only adding a bit more visual interest but also turning it to a shopping bag when you need it! I do suggest that you pay attention to how they show it on their website because I did get a bit tangled in this at times!

The Wintercheck Factory green plaid scarf is also pure brilliance – it has some nifty concealed pockets in the fabric. Forgot your gloves? Not a problem! Now you can stay toasty warm and super cute at the same time!

Need a how-to of your own? I love this tutorial and have tried every look out for myself! And remember, there is no wrong way to tie a scarf, though this may have happened at one point…

…So get out there and start experimenting with ways of your own! Stay warm and Sassy!


– A Peace Treaty, Symmetry Goods and Wintercheck Factory scarves available from The9thMuse, 12/F, Unit 1204, One Lyndhurst Tower, No.1 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong, 2537 7598

Solo Per Te, Unit B, 4/F, Wing Tai Centre, No. 12 Hing Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong. Call Simona on 9607 7466 or email [email protected] to make an appointment.

Photos by Sabrina Sikora Photography

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