29 July, 2011

Sparkles Day and Night, Summer and Winter…

29 July, 2011

I love reading magazines which means that I have looked at my fair share of editorials that tell you how to transform your clothes into something suitable for another season. For some reason I never took their advice as I always looked forward to the tradition of pulling out the clothes that have been stored away during the “off season”. I began to realize though that these fashion editors may know what they are talking about (surprise, surprise). In Hong Kong you really can get away with wearing certain (not all!) skirts and dresses throughout the year as long as you accessorize them according to the season and I have found lately that you can even incorporate some cozier accessories such as scarfs into your summer style as long as the rest of your outfit is perfectly in tune to the warmer weather.

With closet space limited in Hong Kong I am trying to think of creative ways to make my clothes do double duty so I can wear them for various occasions. I have a lust for versatile skirts that I can wear for as many months as I can and on the tippy top of my wish list is this Vince sequin mini that I spotted on Net-A-Porter.

Years ago I would have thought sequins were only for the night and back then this skirt would have stayed in my closet until I had a fancy night out on the town. Now, if I owned this lovely mini I would rock it all year long and find ways to make sure it could be reworked into something that is laid back and casual (Summer Sparkle) or polished and a bit more refined (Winter Shimmer).

Skirt, Top, Bag, Shoes, Sunglasses, Bracelet, Nail Polish


Skirt, Top, Belt, Shoes, Bag, Earrings, Ring, Nail Polish (Minger)

So, our weekend homework is…What can you pull out of your winter wardrobe that will work for the summer season?

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