29 July, 2011

Interview with Denise Lai of Superwowomg

29 July, 2011

Hong Kong has the COOLEST crop of up-and-coming style bloggers on the scene right now – we’re spoilt for choice by all the talent, and one of our faves is Denise from Superwowomg.com whose passion for affordable fashion and fun attitude makes her blog a must-read! We catch up with Denise to ask her a few questions…

How would you describe your style?

I think my style is quite simple and basic but with an edge on accessories. I like to dress comfortably so clothes that are casual and no-fuss and that I can easily wear all day. I think what I’m most known for are my big nerdy glasses and my piles of accessories. I’m usually wearing basic items like t-shirts and plain bottoms then adding some edge to my outfit by piling on my signature wrist-ful of bracelets, fingers-ful of rings and a couple of long necklaces (most of which I made myself).

Are you naturally adventurous when it comes to fashion?

I’m not that adventurous with fashion, though I do like to experiment with trends and new styles. My mom preaches to me about investing in classics so I get my basic-yet-classic style from her. She’s also the one who taught me that it’s all about the accessories.

How do you dress for the searing Hong Kong heat?

Lightweight and flowy tops and dresses. Nothing too form-fitting and wearing 100% cotton works in this heat. You don’t want anything too tight that will cling to your sweaty body after being outside for even just a few minutes. I normally walk quite fast but in the Summer, I try to walk slower so as to not work up a sweat, haha!

What are your secret shopping tips for finding unusual items and bargains in HK?

Take your time when shopping at unique shops or low-end shops/malls in HK because there may be some hidden gems that you would’ve missed if you were browsing too quickly! Don’t disregard the bargain/low-end shops in HK because you can always score something really great, especially accessories. Clothing can be a bit difficult since sometimes the quality of the material is quite bad but for jewelry, I always manage to find something that looks quite high-end!

What are you addicted to?

My double-side-slit pleated maxi skirt, finding amazing jewelry, Tumblr (mine is http://dddlai.tumblr.com) and Tiny Tower on iPhone!

Is there one thing you wish you could change about your style?

Well I wouldn’t want to change anything about my style but I do wish that it were easier for me to wear heels for an entire day! Normally I can go like 4 hours max. in my 4+ inch heels and then I start to die x_X

How would you describe Hong Kong fashion?

I think Hong Kong is extremely trendy and the local shops are always quick to pick up on new trends straight from the main fashion hubs (i.e. New York, Paris, Japan) but the main problem in Hong Kong is that they’ll take a certain trend, and completely ruin it by either mixing it with a million other trends (think studs mixed with lace mixed with neon mixed with a graphic pattern ON ONE BAG) or making a direct imitation of a designer item.

Do you think the Hong Kong fashion blog scene is growing? Do brands now realize the importance of the blogging audience?

The Hong Kong fashion blogging scene is blowing up and growing real fast. Even just in the last 6 months has the attention on HK bloggers increasingly grown. Big international brands are now realizing that not only do they need to take notice of the big international names in blogging (i.e. The Sartorialist, Fashion Toast, etc) but also need to pay attention to local bloggers to customize their marketing appeal in each city.
Check out www.superwowomg.com for more of Denise!

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