8 July, 2013

Sassy’s Summer Hair Guide 2013 – styles to beat the heat in no time!

8 July, 2013

summer hair styles guide 2013 dcg

It’s that time of the year again when in order to beat that dreaded sweaty neck syndrome, your hair ends up being swept into a bun… and stays there until the first sight of a jack-o-lantern! But c’mon girls… let’s get a bit more creative than that! You may have seen my guide to summer hair last year, but this season I have a few more summer hair styles for you to beat the heat with. So grab your combs, pins, and spray because we are going to tame that mane in no time!

summer hair 2013 buns


Buns are my go-to for when I have to be out the door in a flash. I was obsessed with the messy top-head bun last summer, but this season I am loving the sleek low chignon. For the messy variety, throw your hair in a sky-high pony then tease, wrap, and pin. For the sleek option, part your hair either deeply down the side or straight down the middle then slick back and secure at the nape of the neck with pins. I love using a shine spray here to get a bit of a wet look to it – even better if you actually have damp hair, which will hold the style with ease and leave you with night-worthy waves when you decide to release the locks! Two styles in one? Yes, please!

summer hair 2013 ponytail


Get that hot sticky mess out the way fast with a quick and easy ponytail topper. Tease a section at the crown of your head then brush back and secure for added oomph! Grab a small piece from the bottom of the pony and twist or braid it and wrap it around the band to add pizzazz to your poof. This style works best with day old hair but volumizer and/or hair spray can easily be added for more lift and texture.

summer hair 2013 half up half down


Have a few more minutes before your meeting? Then backcomb the crown and smooth the front back, leaving a few choppy bits to frame your face. Plait, twist, or roll the sides back and secure with a few bobby pins. If you have longer hair and want to make a statement then try the fishtail braid on the left – I’d have to call a friend over to help out but maybe you are a better braider than me! There’s no time like the present to give this look a whirl… After all, you’ll have several months of summer to perfect it!

summer hair 2013 get crafty


Now is the time to wow! These looks can take you from frolicking in the fields in your summer maxi (ummm… are there fields in HK?!) to an evening out on the town. Your best friend for achieving these looks is a little texturizing spray, like the salt-water variety found at most beauty stores. Flip your head over and add a few spritzes of the magic solution while messing up your mane. This will give your hair the hold it needs to keep all the pins you are about to add in place. Next up, start braiding, twisting and rolling your way along, pinning as you go – always use pins that match your hair colour so that they blend seamlessly into your ‘do! You can find the darker colours in shops like Sasa; for blondes, Amazon offer pins in a variety of shades.

I hope these quick summer hair styling tips help control your coif for the humid days still to come. In addition to these tricks, I will soon be scheduling my Keratin treatment at Marek Art Of Hair to keep the frizz at bay – the treatment lasts for 2-3 months, leaving you with calmer tresses even straight out of the shower! Here’s to looking calm, cool, and fabulous this summer!

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Photos sourced via Sabrina’s Pinterest
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