9 July, 2013

Kiwi Spa – fantastic foot massages in Central

9 July, 2013
kiwi spa hong kong

Our sales girl Vivien has been working super hard recently (she’s still recovering from organising the Sassy Awards Party!), so we thought it was time she enjoyed a little pampering! We sent her to check out one of the new spas on the block in Central, Kiwi Spa – here’s her verdict…

When I first walked into Kiwi Spa, it definitely felt very different to most of the other spas around town – where did all the floral scents and candles go? Instead, I was met with lots of bright white shades and modern lime green furniture (I described it as a ‘flying lime spaceship’!). Tiffany, the spa manager, mentioned that thanks to this modern décor, Kiwi actually gets quite a lot of men coming in for foot massages… so who knows, maybe you’ll end up snagging a date for the weekend alongside your mini pampering sesh!

kiwi spa hong kong treatment room

I was quickly swept into a cosy room inside for my Aromatic Body Massage. If you ever need an incentive to get massages frequently, try going for a massage after months without having had one! You’ll soon be coming up with very creative curses as your therapist pounds away at months worth of tension knots, in the same way a pork chop is tenderized!

My therapist actually had to massage me for longer than normal just to get my knots out, before then slathering me with massage oils. The oils had a heavenly scent, but I got a slight skin irritation afterwards so if you have sensitive skin, it’s definitely worth double checking first exactly what is being used or opting for a treatment that uses less of these products.

After my body massage, I was whisked into the foot massage area for my Foot Reflex Massage, which is where the magic truly happens. After soaking my feet in water, my therapist gave me the most relaxing foot massage I’ve ever had (further proof of Kiwi’s massage magic – the girl next to me was slumped over and totally dead to the world!). As is the norm in HK, the A/C was blasted up to the max but Kiwi gives you a cosy towel to curl up under. I have an absolute inability to fall asleep in public, but even I managed to hover at the edge of sleep during the foot massage. For those of you who’d rather stay awake, Kiwi also has a good selection of magazines and even an iPad to keep you entertained.

Although my therapist was amazing, there were a few drawbacks to my treatment. There was no music playing in my massage treatment room so I could hear talking and moving outside; given the size of the spa, it felt like they were right next to me! Someone also opened my door during my massage and exchanged a few words with my therapist, which was a bit nerve wracking considering my state of undress!

All in all, I would say that Kiwi’s strength definitely lies in their outstanding foot massages at relatively affordable price points – but if you fancy that bit of extra indulgence, take advantage of their body massages and opt for a package including both treatments. I’ve already added their Foot Reflex Massage + Neck & Shoulder Massage package to my pampering wishlist!

The Aromatic Body Massage costs $358 for 75 minutes; the Foot Reflex Massage costs $128 for 30 minutes when added onto another massage treatment

Kiwi  Century Square Building, 14/F, 1-13 D’Aquilar Street, 1-13 D’Augilar Street, 14F, Century Square, Lan Kwai Fong, Central, Hong Kong, Central, Hong Kong
2567 1333  www.kiwi-hk.com



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