17 May, 2012

Summer Hair Styles – say bye to the boring ponytail!

17 May, 2012

When it comes to doing your hair in Hong Kong sometimes the easiest answer may seem just to shave it all off! But wait! With a few pins and a little creativity you can keep your hair and your sanity! I’m here to help with styles to keep you looking and feeling cool for the hot weather to come!

The Messy Bun (medium to long hair/ all textures)
Piling your hair on top of your head is the easiest way to stave off heat! The top-knot was sported in nearly every front row during fashion week by all the A-list starlets. All you need are a few bobby pins/hair grips (you can find them at Sasa) and you are on your way to bun bliss! A bit of teasing beforehand will help the pieces stay in place while adding fullness to the final product.

Tutorial from Sonja.

The Pony Express (medium to long hair/ all textures)
Here are a few options to liven up your locks and revive that plain old pony! Simply add a few twists here and there, divide your hair into two and knot it once or twice or run a few braids through it and you have something that feels very new and chic! A styling balm will help to manage the frizzies and keep you smooth even in HK’s hellish humidity! If you feel you need a bit more hair to pull this off then stop by Hair Konnections in Sheung Wan (111-115 Jervois Street, 3B Man Bond Building, 5190 8362) and clip in all the length you desire! You can even add strands of colors to your look with out actually committing to a full on dye job!

Tutorial from The Beauty Department.

Do the Twist (short, medium, long/ all textures)
An easy trick to freshening up your style is to simply twist your locks back and pin along the way. You can do this with any hair length and the best part is that it works even better with dirty strands, so feel free to skip a shampoo!

Braids Braids Braids! (medium to long/ all textures)
While the side braid was the hipster hair for the summer of ’10 (spotted on our That Girl Elle at Victoria Beckham the other week… and on VB herself!) and the top-knot for last summer, this year it is all about the boho braids! These styles can sometimes look intimidating to pull off but once you get the hang of braiding your own hair, it’s a cinch – simply make your braids and pin them up where you want ‘em! Personally, my arms always give out before the coif is finished so this summer I am vowing to work on those arm muscles if only to be able to handle braiding my own mane!

And when all else fails…. Accessorize!
Even if you end up with the most basic of ‘dos, you can liven up the look with a scarf or ribbon tied on top. Pop by H&M and stock up on loads of girly barrettes and clips to add pizzazz to your plait, whilst Accessorize and local accessories shops are great for all different styles of Alice bands (or stock up online at ASOS or with some amazing directional pieces at Rock N Rose)! Make like our That Girl Paola and try a turban; there is a fantastic tutorial here and even though it is not in English, it is still very easy to follow along!

There you have it! You are now ready to conquer summer with confidence! Grab a handful of bobby pins and a can of hairspray and see what amazing creations you can come up with!

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