13 February, 2015
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Sassy’s Secret Cocktail at The Woods!

13 February, 2015

You know we like to keep you up to date with all the latest happenings in Hong Kong, but we also like to let you in on secret Sassy tips and tricks around town. If you’re a fan of cocktails (and let’s face it, who isn’t!) then listen up: Sassy’s got a secret at The Woods, one of our favourite new bars (see our full review here) and we’re letting you in on it…

We’ve teamed up with the amazing cocktail expert and founder of The Woods, Victoria Chow (check out her That Girl feature here), to create a very special ‘Sassy Cocktail’ on a Secret Menu. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the concept of a Secret Menu, it includes items that won’t be displayed on the regular menu for all customers to see. Only those who know about this Secret Menu will be able to order, but don’t worry – the bar or resto staff will know exactly what you mean when you ask for it!


We are so excited for our first Sassy Cocktail collaboration with The Woods, but we want to include all of you amazing Sassy readers in the decision-making process. This week a few of us headed over to The Woods to try out five new cocktails (it’s a hard job but someone’s got to do it!) to choose fromWhilst we loved them all, only one of them will be named the official ‘Sassy Cocktail’, that you’ll be able to order off the Secret Menu. And guess what – YOU’LL be the ones voting for the final choice!

Here’s the best part – three readers (plus a friend each) who vote for the winning cocktail will be invited try it at The Woods, on us! We’ll close the voting and tally the results at the end of February, and the “Sassy Cocktail” will be available at The Woods throughout March.

Not sure which one to vote for? Don’t worry; we’ve got a few pointers for you. We have the ingredients listed out for each drink, with comments and rankings from our team. These rankings (1 being too little, and 5 too much!) are averaged for each cocktail, and will be based on the sweetness, how boozy it was and the presentation, as well as cool factor of the drink – which we’re calling Sassiness. Read up below and choose your favourite!

Basil SmashBasil Smash
Sipsmith gin, fresh lemon juice, Thai basil, sweet basil

Sweetness: 3 Booziness: 2.8  Sassiness: 4.6

The basil smash is absolute class, presented in a carefully crafted sphere of ice. Using a cute little hammer, you smash the ice sphere up (hence the name) to reveal the super refreshing, basil cocktail inside. Plus, it’s always fun smashing up things with a hammer (that’s probably the only time we can say that and not sound like psychopaths).

Berry RedBerry Red
Homemade raspberry and jalapeño jam, rum, fresh lemon juice

Sweetness: 4 Booziness: 2.4  Sassiness: 4

If you’re a fan of berries, this is the drink for you! The sweetness of the berries creates an almost sherbet or smoothie like flavour and texture, and we like the little kick of spice afterwards from the jalapeño. The colour is DEFINITELY very Sassy, and this would be a great summery drink to share with the girls!

Tropical PassionTropical Passion
Fresh Passionfruit, orange juice, fresh lemon juice, fresh grapefruit juice, rum, fire

Sweetness: 4.4 Booziness: 3  Sassiness: 3.6

Another summer-inspired cocktail that we tried was the Tropical Passion. This was the fruitiest of all the cocktails, and is presented with a flaming passionfruit on top – talk about about a spectacle! It reminded us of being on holiday or of our morning juices… a definite favourite with some of our team.

Campari ice cubes, gin, blanco vermouth

Sweetness: 1.6 Booziness: 4.8  Sassiness: 3.2

Love Negronis? You’ll love this twist on a classic. The Negronez uses Campari ice cubes which are not only cute and pink, but change the flavour of the cocktail as the ice melts and the Campari is released. The citrus cuts through the strong alcohol, which certainly gives this cocktail some ‘oomph’. A winner among the heavier drinkers in our crew – not mentioning any names!

New FashionedNew Fashioned
Homemade orange peel flavoured cotton candy, Michter’s bourbon, angostura bitters

Sweetness: 1.2 Booziness: 4.8  Sassiness: 4.8

One of the other more masculine drinks is this twist on a classic ‘Old Fashioned’. The New Fashioned is presented with a whimsical heap of cotton candy, which you then pour the liquor over. This was even stronger than the Negronez – it looks cute, but is extremely strong (like some of us Sassy girls *wink*).


Ready to pick? Let us know which one YOU want as our ‘Sassy Cocktail’ at The Woods!


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