16 February, 2015

The Strand – Turning Tan Nightmares Into The Stuff Of Dreams…

16 February, 2015

As a newbie in Hong Kong, I’m acclimatising to the warm weather here, which, come rain or shine always allows a girl to flash some flesh… With my Christmas vacay suntan fading, I made my way to The Strand looking forward to a top-up in the way of an Eco Spray Tan.

You may have heard of Eco Spray Tan before (check out our previous mention here), and if you’re a fan, then you’ll be pleased to know that Eco Spray Tan is now available at The Strand in Hong Kong. Conveniently located in Central, The Strand is the place to come for pampering. The sleek yet relaxing interior will make you feel instantly comfortable, and they offer everything from haircuts and blowouts, to manicures and massages. And now they’ve teamed up with the fab Eco Spray Tan to offer you a bronzed look before summer rolls around!

the strand eco spray tan

The beautician at The Strand had amazing attention to detail and knew her craft well (always reassuring!). Needless to say, I was thankful for her meticulous approach and can confirm that there were no swathes of orange, only a beautiful, incredibly subtle tan, sans patches.

Like me, Eco Tan is relatively new to Hong Kong and it’s the only tanning company to be certified truly organic. Created by ex-hairdresser Sonya Driver, the product was born as a safe solution for her poorly sister, who was diagnosed with melanoma. Lots of research later and Eco Tan was launched with no artificial or synthetic ingredients, toxic chemical dyes or nasties (see the ingredients below). Apparently safe for pregnant people too…

the strand eco spray tan

I was given the inside scoop from resident beauty expert at The Strand, Tamara, who described the complicated chemistry bit in layman’s terms. Docosahexaenoic acid or ‘DHA’ is an incredibly drying ingredient but also the one that causes colour. If you’ve ever applied tan only to see it start to flake in a few days, it’s because your skin has been sucked of moisture and is now dead, gone and ready to shed because of that ingredient. It’s also why your skin always feels a bit undernourished after tan – despite the knock-out colour. If you’re like me, when it wears away you simply accept its had its day and you frantically scrub off outstanding colour patches to reveal fresh peachy skin again!

Eco Tan is different in that they’ve lowered the amount of DHA and it’s really rich in quality moisturiser. Exfoliation is key prior to treatment and the team provides you with a seriously effective scrubbing mitt for a once over pre-treatment. For any fan of tan that’s been put off getting their treatment in Hong Kong, you can let out a little squeal of delight and come out from the harmful UV rays to try this safer alternative, with confidence.

Expectant mums can get their bronze on too. I’m not a Sassy Mama, but I’ve heard that pregnancy plays havoc on the body, including seriously drying the dermis. If pregnancy pampering is in order you can treat yourself or a friend to a gorgeous glow because Eco Tan is reported totally safe for ladies and their bumps. Not only that but the moisturising quality of the product will soothe their skin too.

Unlike Other Toxic Tanning Solutions Eco Tan Does NOT Include…
Phenoxyethanol – can cause cancer and reproductive problems, Propylene – can weaken skin protein and cellular structure, Glycol, Pegs Parabens, Animal Derivatives, SD Alcohol, Silicone, Food Colouring and Artificial Dyes, Petrochemicals or any other Harmful Chemicals.

ECO Tan’s Active Ingredients
Cacao Fruit, Avocado Oil, Honeysuckle Flower Extract, Grapefruit Extract, Chamomile Flower Extract, Aloe Vera and Glycerin.

What’s The Catch?
It’s sticky. Wear loose clothing (not silk, I’m told it stains!), flip-flops, harem pants, loose t-shirt, that kind of garb. You’ll be gravy brown for a day as the solution sits on your skin, washes off eight hours later so be prepared to look very silly at work, scare shopkeepers or stay indoors!

What’s The Damage?
It’s a premium product so expect a price-tag to match ($650 for the spray tan). All those lovely ingredients don’t come cheap y’know! Colour is subtle, so the salon offers an extra coat on the day for $60, or for a deeper tan result, a top up the next day for $170.


The Strand is offering a trial at $550 for Eco Tan virgins, and they’ll be adding to their fabulous eco-chic range, launching a new-to-HK skincare brand – Skeydnor in March this year. We’ll keep you posted!

The Strand, 18 Cochrane St. in Central, The Strand sits above Azalea Boutique, use the door on the side of the building.

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