9 December, 2015

Sassy’s Gift Guide for Guys 2015

9 December, 2015

Christmas gifting inspo for guys!

Guys are notoriously hard to buy for – your Dad already has ten thousand pairs of socks, your brother already has a bookshelf full of wanderlust novels and your boyfriend has walls full of cute framed pictures of you together. Even your granddad has enough tins of biscuits to last a few more years… Stereotypical Christmas gifts aside, men really are a pain to buy for. So, we’ve taken some of the hard work away from you and found some great gift ideas for guys (that won’t be put to the back of the shelve as soon as you head home)…

native union gift guide for guys

  1. Portable Charger by Native Union

The world’s first 2-in-1 charging cable and battery booster! Anything that says ‘world’s first’ and is a daily necessity is a winner in our books. This is perfect for tech-loving lads in your life who are also looking for fashionable designs. We love the use of leather for a sleek and sophisticated look – style and substance, the perfect combination! Apart from the cable, why not browse Native Union’s awesome CLIC phone cases? Any guy will love the unique, expertly crafted wooden casing (and we’re lusting after the marble CLIC cases… just in case you were wondering!)

Available for $600 here

lottusse - gift guide for guys

  1.  Personalised brogues by Lottusse

Not only are they absolutely gorgeous, you can also get them customised anyway you want them. From the colour to the style to the patterns – you can even add a little note on the sole! Made in Spain to the highest quality, these shoes do come at a price, but your dad will give you all his Christmas choccies when he receives these beautiful shoes! Read about when we went to visit the shop ourselves here. This is a truly spectacular gift that’s sure to wow… just grab his shoe size and you’re done. 

Visit the Hong Kong store at: Lottusse, 2/F, 10 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong, 2351 4722 – you’re advised to call beforehand for appointments. www.lottusse.com

go pro gift guide for guys

  1. GoPro Hero4 Session

The smallest, lightest, most convenient GoPro yet! Seriously, have you seen just how small it is? We’ve all seen those epic selfies and videos from skydives, the top of mountains and white water rafting that make you want to pack in your job and travel the world. Well, now it’s time to give your man a dose of wanderlust and document your next trip in all it’s glory. 

Available for $1,650 here

  1. Star Wars Tickets

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… want to be the best girlfriend/sister/daughter, ever? Start by setting up a marathon of the classics (and by classics we mean Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi) with popcorn, beer and no phone signal, then present your chosen fella with the tickets to the latest film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Out 17th December. Check out your nearest cinema hereTickets start from $85-$150 per person.

drone gift guide for guys

5. Phantom 3 Standard Drone

This really is the ultimate gift! I mean who doesn’t want a drone to capture awesome bird’s eye view shots. We live in the perfect city for it, and let’s be honest, if you buy one for your fave guy, there’s a good chance you’ll get to use it too! It’s pretty pricey, but worth it for the cool factor. If you’re not willing to splash out on this fancy one, stop by the Ladies Market in Kowloon to pick up some cheap, little ones as an extra stocking stuffer.

Available for $5,419 here.  

  1. Spotify Premium

Because there’s nothing more annoying than listening to your favourite album, only to be interrupted by blasting adverts. Spotify Premium lets you listen to music ad-free, without even having phone signal! The first three months are only $4.90 then $49 a month after that. Ideal for any music lovers looking for easy listening…


sake making gift guide for guys

  1. Sake Making Kit

How fun is this! Make your own sake from scratch to rival any of those you drink on a night out. It’s a great excuse for some rooftop pre-drinking… Well, after you’ve left it to ferment for a good few months. This gift is sure to keep the guys occupied, and they’ll have to put in a bit of effort to reap the rewards at the end, too!

Availabe for $475 here

chuck taylor gift guide for guys

  1. Chuck Taylor All Star Street Hiker

With the weather getting cooler, we don’t want any cold feet in the family. Check out Converse’s latest addition to their never ending line of hip sneakers, the Chuck Taylor All Star Street Hiker. With a sturdy build, these boots could even be worn on a weekend hike up The Peak… add a bit of style to the great outdoors!

Available for $799 here.

gift guide for guys guitar pick

  1. Guitar Pick Punch

This one is more of a stocking filler, but we love it all the same. Create a guitar ‘pick’ from anything! Old student I.D cards, gym memberships (it’s Christmas, come on, you won’t be needing it this month…) and everything in between. A cute gift for any musical dudes you may know! P.S. Don’t worry, Urban Outfitters does ship to Hong Kong… or you could stop by the HK store to see if there’s anything similar there. 

Available for $25 USD here. 


  1. Macau Tower Bungy Jump

We all know the saying “life is about moments, not things” and this would definitely be a moment to remember (trust us, we’ve tried it out ourselves here). Push the one you love 233m from the sky (obviously not literally, they will be safely strapped to a harness!) and watch their priceless reaction. Adrenaline junkies will love this thrilling gift and all they need to do is hop over on the ferry to Macau. 

Buy this experience for your guy for $2,956 on Spoilt here.  

Featured image sourced via Pinterest

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