10 October, 2014
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Sassy Supports: Hong Kong Breast Cancer Fund

10 October, 2014

Cancer is something that touches all of our lives, whether directly or through those that we know. When it comes to the ladies we love in our lives, breast cancer is an unfortunate reality as one of the leading cancers in Hong Kong women, with a steady rise as the years pass on. Every day, eight women in our city are diagnosed with the illness as it claims at least one person’s life.As with most cancers, early action is the most effective form of prevention, and again as with most cancers, there isn’t enough awareness or aid available to those in lower income brackets. Another problem plaguing the population is the lack of support that goes beyond the diagnosis and treatment; for breast cancer victims and their families, this is an every day reality that affects their emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing. It’s sometimes all too easy to give into despair when faced with such a colossal issue, however Hong Kong Breast Cancer Fund is here to support those afflicted and stamp out the disease with all of our support.

859209_558655860895549_109193307_oWhat is Hong Kong Breast Cancer Fund?
Formed in 2005 by a group of breast cancer survivors, doctors and allies, these determined men and women experienced a void in the healthcare system where breast cancer was concerned. Too many people were suffering or being lost to the illness because they weren’t aware of or couldn’t financially access breast checkups and treatments. The women of the organisation similarly learned from experience the emotional toll that the illness took upon themselves and their loved ones, and especially the lack of support and education offered to those affected after their diagnosis.

They decided it was high time the people of Hong Kong deserved those resources and stepped up to the plate, creating a non-profit called Hong Kong Breast Cancer Fund that focuses on raising public awareness, supporting those along the road to recovery and additionally collecting and analysing crucial breast cancer evidence to assist research regarding the disease. Since then, they’ve made monumental steps forwards with those who’ve helped them – both through the efforts of those that are still here and those who have passed on.

10450975_671672329593901_5613454186643340542_nWhat are the aims of the organisation?
The goals of the organisation are threefold. Firstly, Hong Kong Breast Cancer Fund aims to promote public breast health awareness by educating the population about the illness, how to detect it in its early stages through a series of examinations and providing financial aid for those unable to afford clinical screenings. As the organisation reiterates time and time again, early detection of breast cancer saves lives and they are doing everything in their power to ensure everyone has that opportunity.

Another goal is to provide support to those battling with the illness, both to those who have been diagnosed and the loved ones fighting with them. With a number of different services for those of all age ranges and cancer stages, they aim to be helping hands along the way by providing easy access to health care professionals as well as counselors and support groups, ensuring that nobody has to walk this path alone. For families struggling with mounting medical bills, their Breast Cancer Drug Financial Assistance Programme is designed to assist those who need help but can’t afford it.

Finally, they’re also leading a massive research effort and have launched the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Registry, which collates information regarding local breast cancer cases in order to assist researchers. They release an annual report to the public about the state of breast cancer in Hong Kong and have additionally launched a website with their findings, which can be accessed by medical professionals all over the world in the name of creating a society free of breast cancer.

1What can you do to help?
With the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Fund, you can do a lot more than you think you can. The most obvious way to help is to donate to the organisation here, where your money will be used to create educational pamphlets, care packages for breast cancer patients, provide a clinical screenings for a women and to assist the research of the Breast Cancer Registry. You can also buy some of their merchandise here to raise awareness about the organisation while helping fund their efforts.

For those of you who want to get more involved however, they’re always looking for volunteers to assist with a number of things. From fundraising events to translation, editing, proofreading or graphic design, extra help is always welcome.

And finally, if you or anybody you know is currently suffering from breast cancer please know that this organisation is here for everyone and you don’t have to do it alone. You can become a member here, which will get you access to the latest information on the disease through a series of monthly talks, classes and access to their comprehensive library, as well as a number of activities. Several companies have also come together to provide more affordable options for wigs and breast prostheses as well for members, to help patients regain a sense of normalcy.

Let’s all assist those in need and work to stamp out breast cancer together!


Looking for more info on Breast Cancer Awareness month? Don’t forget to check out the CancerFund’s Pink Revolution here! And don’t forget to sign up to our monthly giveaway to win a fabulous pink hamper here, because not only will you be in with the chance of winning some great prizes, but for entry we receive, our incredibly generous sponsors will donate $1 to the CancerFund. We’re putting our money where our mouth is by doing the same! 

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