8 December, 2015
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Photography Magic with Sam The Local

8 December, 2015

See Hong Kong like you’ve never seen it before…

I’ve been intending to take up a new hobby for… well, for years really. And I tell you what ladies, after the morning of fun I’ve had being transformed into a professional urban photographer (I can put that on my CV after 3 hours experience right?), I’m kicking myself for not being more proactive.

This wonderful opportunity came my way thanks to Sam the Local – a Hong Kong initiative striving to connect passionate locals with tourists and HK dwellers. All you have to do is pop on to their website, decide which aspect of this jam-packed city you’d like to explore and book in with the corresponding local. There are a whole range of tours on offer – from feasting to photography, hiking to history. Try something new girls! You won’t regret it.


My Tour

Armed with a camera which I had absolutely no idea how to use, I trotted down to meet Michael Kistler – a professional urban photographer in Hong Kong, and my ‘local’ for the morning. After he’d shown me how to turn the camera on, and also assured me that it wasn’t broken (the lens cap had me fooled) we set off on our tour. We peeped over walkways, wandered through markets and stumbled upon backstreet masterpieces. My confidence grew so quickly and before I knew it I was snapping away like a little photography fiend. I felt like I was seeing Hong Kong in a totally different light (who knew reflections in car bonnets could be so beautiful?) and really impressing myself with the shots I was capturing too.


The Verdict

Well I’m not a catastrophe with a camera anymore, which is a major pro. I’ve also come away with some amazing shots of the city, a new HK pal and a renewed desire to expand my cultural horizons. Sam the Local provides a totally unique experience starting at $200 an hour, and it’s one I would definitely recommend. The only downside? I’ve taken to wandering through the streets gazing upwards, which is definitely no help during the lunch hour rush. But hey, I’m a professional photographer these days ladies so you’d better get used to it!

Sam the Local, www.SamtheLocal.com

Michael Kistler Photography, www.michaelkistlerphotography.com

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