11 April, 2012
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Let’s get RAW… with RAW personal training in Central

11 April, 2012

Although you probably wouldn’t think it with all the ‘cold weather warnings’ the HK Observatory has been issuing recently, summer is only weeks away. Yes – you read correctly – weeks!

Having only had this pointed out to me very recently, I figured it’s about time I kiss my beloved supply of winter comfort food goodbye and get reacquainted with my running shoes. Farewell gin, hello gym.

Lacking direction (not to mention motivation), I decided to start my regime on the right foot by sourcing some professional nutrition and fitness advice – something I’d never thought to do before as I’ve always snacked on whatever and been quite happy doing my own thing (walking on the treadmill and watching DVDs) at the gym. Following a few recommendations from my fit friends, I decided to pay a visit to RAW, a personal training gym located in Central.

Upon stepping inside, I quickly learnt RAW (an acronym for Real Athletic Workouts) isn’t a gym for posers. No one gives a hoot about fashionable gear, whether your hair is tied up nicely or if your face is beetroot red; it’s all about training hard and pushing your personal limits to reach your fitness and nutrition goals.

My trainer was Asha, a very cool girl who, despite her sweet persona, really knows how to put her foot down (your empty excuses won’t fly with her – I’m telling you this for free).

We got down to business by starting with a BioSignature evaluation. Created by fitness and nutrition guru Charles Poliquin, BioSignature is a measurement system that tells you where you store fat based on the over or under production of certain hormones. Qualified BioSignature assessors like Asha tell you where your priority areas are, why they are of concern and what you can do to help counteract what may or may not be going on inside you.

Although Asha assured me that my results were of no startling concern, my BioSignature assessment revealed:

  • I had a high suprailiac site (translation: a direct result of chowing down on too many sweet treats).
  • My hamstrings were a priority area (translation: there were foreign toxins floating around my system, something that’s extremely common for people living in HK. Toxins from air pollutants, herbicides on un-organic produce, parabens in cosmetics, chemicals in canned foods, BPA from plastic water bottles, hormones in un-organic meat and alcohol are all culprits).
  • My pecs were a priority area (translation: I’m deficient in zinc and need to watch my alcohol intake).

After my results had been examined in even greater detail, Asha issued me with a tailored action plan to address each area. I was also given a list of recommended nutritional supplements, which was extra helpful as I’ve never been 100% sure about what I should be taking. Knowledge is power, so since finding all of this out I’ve started to make a real conscious effort to improve my health across the board.

RAW is one of very few places to offer BioSignature assessments in Hong Kong and I reckon there is real value in getting one. Even if it’s just a one-off assessment like mine was, the stuff I learnt has been incredibly helpful with getting me back on the right nutrition bandwagon. As Asha pointed out: it doesn’t matter how much you train; if you don’t change your nutrition, you won’t get optimum results.

After a gruelling work out under Asha’s watchful eye, she gave me her golden tips for getting workout ready:

  1. Always eat before physical activity; eating something protein-packed an hour before is good.
  2. Do more weight training; don’t be afraid of pumping iron!
  3. Don’t be afraid of fat; be more aware of your sugar and carb intake.
  4. Stay hydrated; your body can’t differentiate between thirst and hunger so aim to down 250ml (a quarter of a litre) of water for every 25kg you weigh each and every day.

A month down the track and my fitness levels are getting back up there. My BioSignature action plan has also prompted me to make a raft of little (yet effective) changes, like making the conscious decision to buy organic fruits and veggies, drinking from an Aqua Steel water bottle rather than a plastic one, and saying NO to lollies and chocolates… well, most of the time anyway!

A BioSignature consultation (which includes a nutrition plan and weekly re-testing for six weeks) costs $1000. For bookings, information about fees or personal/small group training, email [email protected] or call 2415 6233.

RAW Personal Training, 23F Winsome House, 73 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong  


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