11 April, 2012

Irregular Choice hits Hong Kong – fun and fabulous footwear!

11 April, 2012

Shoe-lovers, attention please! I bring you news of one shop opening that you DO NOT want to miss – Irregular Choice has finally come to Hong Kong.

Irregular Choice has just opened its first store in Asia right here on Causeway Bay’s Fashion Walk (otherwise known as Cleveland Street if you want to actually find it on a map). It is all I can do to not just press down the exclamation mark on my keyboard sixty times, I am THAT excited.

In case you haven’t heard of it before, Irregular Choice is a British brand that specialises in shoes shoes shoes! Founded and designed by Dan Sullivan, who cut his teeth working for other British fashion institutions Katharine Hamnett and Wayne Hemmingway’s Red Or Dead, it’s all about having fun with your footwear!

The designs are all fantastical, fun and fabulous, served with a huge dose of true British eccentricity. These shoes aren’t for the faint-hearted or for offices with strict dress codes – coming in every colour of the rainbow, with all kinds of embellishments and adornments (even the soles have a design on them), most of them feel like something out of Alice In Wonderland. What’s more, prices haven’t been treated to insane mark-ups either; most of the shoes are around $800-1000, which is pretty close to the £60-80ish most of the shoes retail for back in the UK.

Irregular Choice have also branched out into bags, clothes and jewellery, but it’s all done with their trademark imagination and irreverence (and the CWB shop’s décor – mermaid print floor, eyes in the ceiling, black pom-pom trims – reflects this too). Flowers, feathers, lace, ice-cream cone heels, little monkey trinkets… anything goes with Irregular Choice… as you can probably see!

I have two pairs of Irregular Choice treasures that made the journey to HK with me – one is pair of black and gold heels with several swans swimming down the side and amazing engraved Perspex heels; the other a pair of sky blue and lemon yellow kitten heels with a rosette made of tape measure. Every time I even look at them, I smile… and when I put them on I feel like Gwen Stefani!

So now I can look forward to feeling like Gwen Stefani on a more regular basis… as I’ll obviously be spending lots of time (and pay cheques!) in Irregular Choice soon!

Irregular Choice, Shop A, G/F, 1-3 Cleveland Street, Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, 2890 1713

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