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Stella McCartney, Juicy Couture, and Ralph Lauren. This isn’t about the latest fashion shows! Throw Adidas and Nike into the mix and recognize this is in reference to the swank apparel being sported on tennis courts! That’s right….Stella McCartney doesn’t just design party dresses for glamorous celebrities and heiresses, she also brings her delicate, frilly signature style to the world of tennis. McCartney partnered with Adidas to create an entire collection of tennis couture. Disregard boxy polos and pleated skirts…McCartney’s frocks celebrate femininity to the max with puffed sleeves, belted bottoms, and embellished ruffles.

I recently started playing tennis with Maura and Hester. The first thing my fabulous sister-in-law, Angela, asked me was… “Who are you wearing on the court?” I thought she was kidding! She wasn’t! Apparently, what you wear on the court is just as important as the power in your forehand stroke. Angela, by the way, prefers the styles of Nike.

The Williams sisters, Sharapova, and Kirilenko can be thanked for bringing couture to the courts. No longer is tennis simply about the game….it‘s just as much about the fashion! Wimbledon is even getting in on this trend. Ralph Lauren has a five-year contract with Wimbledon to outfit the umpires, judges, and ball boys/girls. The threads are so chic that Ralph Lauren sells the entire Wimbledon line in select stores during the games. In fact, even your tennis gear can be transported in style. Bottega Veneta carries the Marco Polo Tennis Bag. For a mere $1360USD, your tennis rackets and balls can arrive luxuriously to the courts in this sleek tote!

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