I love HK but one of the things I am not so much in love with is the hot and humid weather. I love fall and nothing makes me happier then a cool, brisk day so having it hot most of the time was definitely an adjustment for me.
With hot weather comes sweating and here in Hong Kong there really is no way around it. While it is many times unavoidable I still hate when I show up to meet someone and I am all gross and sweaty. The comforting thing is that everyone else is in the same situation here so we can all sympathize with each other when we are having a very sweaty day!
While it is common here to perspire that still doesn’t mean that I am at peace with it. I recently came across a product called MED e TATE which is an injection free medicated wipe that can be used to help keep you dry. The wipes can be applied to your underarm, upper lip, breast line, hands and anywhere else that you sweat to prevent embarrassing moments. It comes in 30 individual packets so they can easily fit into your purse or pocket so you can use it whenever needed.
I am not saying this is a miracle cure but I am going to have to at least give it a try. It is also known to be useful for maintaing the life of make-up on hot and humid days which is something we all need here in Hong Kong!
I hear MED e TATE is available at Sephora so a trip to Mong Kok for some makeup shopping may be in the cards for me…
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