3 October, 2014
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We try out classes at the new Flex Studio in Central, Hong Kong!

3 October, 2014

As a bit of a yoga-nut, I kept hearing from my friends about the recently opened Flex studio in Central. Sassy has already tried out Flex’s classes (see the full review here), but we were intrigued to find out what their new studio was like. I was particularly interested in some of their cool new classes, which included barre workouts. Having no idea what in the world ‘barre’ really was, I found out that it’s a class that combines the best of ballet, yoga and pilates… definitely interesting! Although I was intrigued, I couldn’t help but wonder whether I should just stick to my Yoga-grind the classic way at Pure… Namaste.A month later, Lauren asked if I wanted to give it a shot, so I took the chance and couldn’t have been happier. At the class, I felt like I was given a second chance at the graceful art of Ballet (after insisting that I quit as a kid – apparently I thought I was too cool for it!), while at the same time sweating it out and getting toned up. Two birds with one stone, win! I tried the Xtend Barre Cardio Blast class, which is supposed to be the fat-burn cardio version of the awesome ‘barre’ concept class.

flex 2

The lift doors opened and I walked into a positively-charged environment where the receptionist had a huge smile on her face and everyone was very welcoming. After filling up the first-timer form, they showed me the ropes, taking me around the studio so I could see where everything was (including the changing rooms and toilets). I quickly got ready in the cute and compact changing room and headed to the exercise space.


The instructor of the class, Anna, was lovely and told me a bit about what I was in for. We had to grab mini dumbbells, a yoga strap and a band for the class. All this equipment got me feeling slightly intimidated – but it turned out to be much more manageable that I expected, and I was very much at ease as we slowly incorporated all of it into the flow of the class.


Overall, I loved the 60-minute session! Firstly because it worked every part of the body, it got my heart rate up and it included elements of cardio, stretching, and slight weight resistance. Oh, and not to mention the flow of the class was super graceful as it was ballet-based. We covered all the basics from first position to plié and relevé; I felt like a ballet-pro!

I will definitely be going back, and dragging a bunch of my friends with me. I’m also really excited to try some of the other classes they have on offer such as the flying Pilates and the TRX circuit class. They currently have two studios in Hong Kong, the one in Central and the One Island South branch. Group classes start at $245, but if you buy packages, they are more reasonable. So girls, if you’re looking for a 60-minute productive training session, then this is one way to go! Simply choose a class type and intensity depending on what your goal is. Happy flexin’!

Flex Studio, 3/F, Man Cheung Building, 15-17 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong, www.flexhk.com

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