3 October, 2014

Blossom Nail Beauty: get bloomin’ lovely toes in the heart of Jordan!

3 October, 2014

Trotting across to Jordan from Wan Chai on a Friday evening is no easy feat. Believe me, I know, as I recently had to do this one Friday. All in the name of some TLC and pampering – so no real complaints from me!


Blossom Nail Beauty is a cute and compact little nail salon in Jordan. From the outset, it looked like I was entering an office building, an unlikely place for me to get my digits done. I was looking forward to my treatment, a Natural Diamond Foot Spa that promised to prepare my feet for flip-flop season. Just what I needed in the heart of HK’s summer.

The Natural Diamond Foot Spa consisted of six steps: my feet would be soaked twice in two different types of crystals, followed by a sugar scrub, a purifying mask, a mini foot massage and finally cuticle oil. It was almost like a facial for my feet!


Upon entering the premises, I was greeted with a cup of steaming hot strawberry tea – it reminded me of my university days where I’d drink pink (fruit) tea after dinner each night. How very sassy! It was topped up every so often during the treatment, a lovely touch. The place was decked out in flowers and it was very pretty and relaxing.

Nail technician Ting Ting began by spraying my feet with some alcohol for hygiene and slapping on some latex gloves. It was at that point I wondered what I was getting myself into…

Step1 & 2

Then came the obligatory soaking of the feet in warm water. Okay, we were back on track! Ting Ting then poured in some of the diamond spa crystals. I was expecting them to be more like bath salts, but their addition completely changed the texture of the water… it was almost like my feet were stuck in a massive bowl of jelly, or stuck in some mud. It gently compressed my feet, which was a massage in itself!

The ocean crystals were added in next, and dissolved the diamond crystals completely… the water turned a very sassy shade of pink! Known for their beautifying and therapeutic properties, the ocean crystals had Dead Sea salt in them. Following on from this was the sugar scrub. This one in particular had raw sugars in it, and worked wonders on smoothening out my bumpy skin.


Now this was the part where I really felt like I was getting a foot facial: a layer of aloe vera gel followed by a foot mask. It was my first time getting a foot mask applied to my feet before, I was more used to having one on my face! It left my feet feeling completely fresh.


Finally came all the moisturising. ALL the moisturising in the world, from the lotion massage to the cuticle oil which was full of Moroccan, jojoba and avocado oils. It came with a mini foot massage, which was just what I needed. I also sneakily asked Ting Ting to change my chipped polish too, which she happily did.


What a way to spend a Friday evening! I left with my feet feeling neat, clean and ready to look good in some open-toed heels to show off my twinkle toes. I’d definitely be back for another round of this before the party season gets into full swing. And it was reasonable too: $360 for the whole treatment.

Blossom Nail Beauty, Flat 2B, Keybond Commercial Centre, 38 Ferry Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong, 2959 3805, www.blossomnailhk.com

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