3 September, 2012

The A-Lister treatment! Natura Bisse Diamond Experience Red Carpet facial

3 September, 2012

Need a little bit of celeb-style deluxe pampering but don’t have the time to indulge? Well, I’ve found the perfect treatment for you!

Spanish skincare brand Natura Bisse’s Diamond Experience Red Carpet Treatment gives you a certified A-Lister experience in under an hour, all in the ultra-convenient location of their new flagship store in Pacific Place’s Beauty Gallery. Apparently, this is the treatment that Beyonce, Penelope Cruz and Kate Winslet get before strutting their stuff on the red carpet at the Oscars or Golden Globes… and after trying it, I can see why!

Natura Bisse’s in-store treatment room is surprisingly spacious and feels even more so thanks to its airy white interior. The treatment itself is meant to provide a burst of rapid-fire radiance in just 45 minutes – lifting, firming, hydrating and brightening your complexion to such a state that you’re ready for your red carpet moment too!

After removing my make-up with Natura Bisse’s signature cleanser and toner, it was time for the most unique part of the facial – the exfoliating Glyco-3 Peel. Feeling like something out of a sci-fi movie, my therapist showed me various tiny vials containing miracle potions that would shed dead skin cells, help the cell renewal process and enhance the effects of the later parts of the treatment. I’m not going to lie… the three stages of this felt rather strange, verging on the uncomfortable.

The first phase of exfoliation came with the trademark sting of acidic peel style treatments; next, carbonic powder was dusted over my face, then a botanical activator was brushed over it, creating a bubbling effect that made my skin feel like it was crawling, being tickled and being eaten away by acid all at the same time! I wasn’t sure whether to start giggling or be alarmed! Maura also tried the treatment and didn’t report anywhere near the same levels of stinging, so I imagine how sensitive your skin is (and mine is clearly very!) plays its part.

The next few stages were based around Natura Bisse’s special sculpting massage technique to apply moisturisers and eye creams from their Diamond Experience range, plus a serum selected especially for your skin (I had the Oxygen Complex; others are more suited to mature or dehydrated skin). These all felt velvety soft and luxurious, whilst my therapist’s light relaxing touch was enough to send me off to snooze setting!

The last elements of the treatment were two grains of Diamond Frozen DNA that were massaged into the skin like two cooling rollerballs to provide a lifting firming effect whilst repairing damaged cells; then, a final layer of sun-blocking face and eye cream necessary for you to go face the outside world.

Despite the relatively short time and occasional interruptions of mall noise, the massage element of the treatment and the super luxe products used mean that you still feel like you get a nice dose of pampering. I do wish my therapist had explained and prepared me a little more for some of the strange sensations during the treatment though!

Afterwards, my face looked noticeably brighter, firmer, lifted and less puffy. I can totally understand why celebs use this to prepare for that red carpet moment as it’s an instant flash of radiance and rejuvenation that basically makes you look a better brighter version of yourself, even without make-up! This would be a great facial to get in preparation for a special event (especially if you’re pressed for time and live or work near Pacific Place), especially as the effects don’t last much over 24 hours.

So if you want to experience a little bit of that Hollywood superstar treatment, check in for 45 minutes with Natura Bisse!

The Diamond Experience Red Carpet Treatment costs $1400 for 45 minutes and is also available through Natura Bisse’s counters in Lane Crawford and The Loop in Central.

Natura Bisse, Shop 153, Pacific Place Beauty Gallery, 88 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong, 2918 1583

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