8 October, 2012

MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection – get that Hollywood goddess look

8 October, 2012

As much as we love the au naturel look, sometimes we just need a little bit of a glamour in our lives… and who better to turn to for that than Marilyn Monroe?!

MAC’s limited-edition Marilyn Monroe collection has everything you need to create your very own screen siren look – and all in stunning packaging that is going to send collectors (like me!) crazy! From the eye shadows and lipsticks to the blushers and nail polish, everything is adorned with pictures of Marilyn at her most beautiful in photographer Milton Greene’s Black Sitting series – the perfect beauty inspiration for you to channel your inner Hollywood goddess!

The stars of the collection are, without a doubt, the intensely-pigmented but surprisingly non-drying lipsticks ($160) – the absolute key to mastering that 50s Hollywood look. Charmed I’m Sure is a beautiful deep true red with an intense matte finish that lasts… and lasts… and lasts! Just one slash of this instantly switches on the glam – I loved it (see photo below!).

My other surprise favourite were the lip liner pencils ($160)… now now, I can see the face you’re making and trust me, I was making the same! But the Lip Pencils in Cherry, a vivid blue-based red, and Beet, a more pink-based one, bring an extra level of intensity to your lips, giving a more defined look and meaning that the colour lasts even longer! So if you want to make sure that your Hollywood goddess stays put all night as opposed to disappearing after a few drinks, arm yourself with one of these and you’re all set.

The other key elements to the Marilyn look are flawless glowing skin (your regular foundation/tinted moisturiser with concealer to cover any blemishes should do – just make sure it looks luminous rather than cakey) and lashings of eyeliner (there is both a kohl and a liquid eyeliner in the Marilyn collection; they’re nice but no different to any other black liners!). If you have pale skin like me, the two powder blushers in the collection are beautiful – for my look, I wore the Legendary Blush ($205), a cashmere soft coral that gives you a pretty natural glow that doesn’t compete with a strong lip.

I also wore the Showgirl Eye Shadow ($195), a delicate steely blue-grey for a more subtle take on the smoky eye. It’s the best of the four Marilyn shadows; I found the rest too light, glittery and gritty. Finally, if you just want something from the collection just for the sake of owning some gorgeous Marilyn packaging  (I don’t blame you!), the nail lacquers ($125) are the most affordable option. Skip the streaky wine-coloured Vintage Vamp nail polish and instead go for Kid Orange, a bright coral red (shown above), or Flaming Rose, the ultimate retro Hollywood red.

So I reckon it’s high time for you to discover your inner silver screen goddess… I promise you she’s in there somewhere! And thanks to the MAC Marilyn Collection, you’ll be red carpet worthy and ready for your close-up in no time.

The MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection is available at all MAC counters now. See all MAC locations in Hong Kong here.

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