12 July, 2012

Glam up your wardrobe with Lulu Frost accessories & an interview with founder, Lisa Salzer

12 July, 2012

I am a jewellery fiend (listen out for the jangling of bangles when I enter a room!) so when I found out that Lulu Frost was coming to town, I think I frightened the Harvey Nichols press team with just how quickly I RSVP-ed! A chance to sit down with Lisa Salzer, creator of Lulu Frost, and talk accessories is basically my perfect day.

This was Lisa’s second trip to Hong Kong and she was excited to return. I expected her to be like most celebs and designers who come into town half-asleep thanks to jet lag and a crazed schedule. Having spent the previous week in Tokyo and then touring factories in Mainland China, she had every right to be exhausted but to my surprise, Lisa was well rested and raving about her wonderful experience at The China Club the night before! She loves the energy in Hong Kong and told me how “wild and rough” it feels compared to NY. Lisa noticed the mash-up of cultures here, saying that she found our fair city to be very inspiring… Fragrant Harbour earrings sometime soon then, Lisa?!

Lulu Frost was founded in 2004 and titled after Lisa’s own nickname, Lulu, plus her maternal grandmother’s surname, Frost. Around this time, Lisa found buckets of door numbers from New York’s Plaza hotel and knew that people would want to have a part of this NY icon as a keepsake. She turned the numbers into necklaces and bracelets and the company took off! Lulu Frost is still known for their number pendants and today you can find charms cast from the original Plaza numbers in 14kt or 18kt gold, plus some encrusted with diamonds too.

Lulu Frost is known for creating handmade vintage inspired pieces for the lady that likes to stand out. They also create one-of-a-kind pieces with interesting finds from their scavenging missions around the world. Lisa’s own mother is even a buyer for the company, spending her weekends at estate sales and antique shows looking for that next piece of treasure!

The fall creations are all about power (I tried not to whisper this slowly to myself à la Veronica Corningstone in Anchorman but found it very difficult!) taking inspiration from feminine strength and mystique. There are hints of snakes, wolves, and a sorcerer’s face found on earrings and necklaces alike (Lisa is wearing her personal fave, the sorcerer earrings, in the photo). The mantra of ‘more is more’ is practiced at Lulu Frost, but the mash-up of metals, stones, fabrics and resins all seem to balance out so well.

Lulu Frost launches collections twice a year so there is always something new on the way! For summer, the collection finds inspiration and its name from the 1960s surf flick Endless Summer as well as from Montauk beach culture. It is based around a floral motif and includes hand-formed brass beading and raw-cut natural stones, suede, silk orchids and fin-like forms. Prices range from $2000 for a pair of earrings to around $6000 for a chunky multi-textured necklace, but you really are getting something special for your cash.

If you are not sure how to wear such elaborate ornamentation, then style yourself like Lisa typically does with simple navy or black and then pile on the bling! She is usually sporting a few Lulu Frost pieces and told me that she has even sold jewellery off her own body whilst out and about! Fans range from the 8 year olds that were buying in Tokyo to the 80 and 60 year old mother-daughter duo that collect Lulu Frost in NY.

If you are looking to add some incredibly unique pieces to spice up your jewellery wardrobe, then you simply must check out the Lulu Frost collection at Harvey Nichols. The vintage-inspired jewels instantly up any outfit and inject some glam into your everyday. If you need a bit more justification as to why you need a Lulu Frost accessory in your life, then just look to any major fashion mag out there. Lisa’s wares have been seen in Vogue, W, WWD, Vanity Fair and Harper’s Bazaar to name a few, and I hear they know a thing or two about fashion! Take a look and I hope you love Lulu Frost as much as I do!

Lulu Frost is available at Harvey Nichols in Hong Kong (The Landmark, 15 Queen’s Road,
 Central, 3695 3388 or Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty, 3968 2668).


Photos by Sabrina Sikora Photography

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