The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Spring Cleaning: 7 Tips and Tricks to Try

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Make Your Bed Every Day

Just do it.

What will take you a minute (if that!), to shake out the sheets and fluff your pillows will keep your home looking relatively tidy (even if its not!) – especially if you live in a studio.

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Use an Old Sock to Dust With

More effective than most feather dusters, grab an old sock and give your shelves and table tops a once over. Or put on a pair of worn out slipper socks and bust a few moves on the tiles. A dance party and clean floor – win, win!

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Place a Dryer Sheet Over the Aircon

Our aircons have been switched off for the majority of winter, so now that we’re almost in great need of them again, they’re bound to be a bit on the stinky (and dusty!) side. And with Hong Kong’s notorious humidity soon to come out of hiding, we may find ourselves coming home to a damp and musty room.

Tape a dryer sheet or two to your aircon filters for a DIY air freshener that’ll keep the airflow smelling sweet!

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Steam Clean Appliances

The foodie scene in this city is hard to resist, but when we do decide to cook in our miniature kitchens, mini toaster ovens and microwaves are a staple. That often means that they’re rarely cleaned, and last week’s soup explosion might be there to stay… or is it?

Pour equal parts of water and white vinegar (about half a cup of each) into a microwave or oven-safe bowl and pop it on full power for about 5 minutes. Let it sit for a while and use a sponge or cloth to wipe away the gunk with ease!

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Vacuum-Pack Spare Clothes

If there’s one tip to take away after reading this post, this is the one!

Storage is sacred, and the more room we can make for ourselves, the easier our living situation becomes! If you’re lucky enough to have some space underneath the bed or in your wardrobe, go to IKEA now and grab some vacuum bags and a hoover.

Perfect for packing away chunky winter wear, fancy dress costumes (of which we have a few!) and clothing that you don’t wear day-to-day, vacuum-packing them will maximise your storage space and keep cupboard clutter-free.

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Keep the Windows Open and Candles Lit

A surefire way to clear the room of stale air and keep it fresh!

The weather may be warming up slightly, but humidity is at bay (for now), so take advantage of the cooler breeze and keep your windows open whenever you can. Light your favourite candle and keep it crisp!

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If all else fails...

Hide the mess.

Got guests coming round? Keep piling up those wardrobes, girls -cleaning can wait one more day…


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