Hong Kong-Based Designers We’re Watching – And You Should, Too!

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Kay Li

Okay, so here’s why we love Kay Li. She’s Hong Kong- born (check!), she’s a graduate of the prestigious French private school ESMOD Dubai, and in an industry that is only second to the oil industry in terms of waste, Li has experimented with ways on how her label can contribute to sustainability for the past four years (double check!). “For me, a green life is the only way of life,” says Li. “We … should all [do our part] to reduce consumption, recycle what we can, and, most importantly, think of ways to educate our next generations to preserve in an innovative way.” Like we said, you go, girl.

Check out how she implements her aesthetic into her collection: she uses high-tech, eco-friendly fabrics and develops a few garment pieces. She then puts other laser-cutting patterns on her website when the collection hits the market. Customers can purchase a base pant, for instance, but can also download graphics and cut as many sets as they want to customise and update them according to trend, rather than buying a new pair. Now that’s cool.

View Kay Li’s collection by clicking here.

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Loom Loop - Polly Ho and Andy Wong

“Sometimes I pretend to be normal, but it gets boring,” says Loom Loop’s Polly Ho, “so I go back to being me.” Trust us, Polly, we get it. We can’t stand anything boring. And Loom Loop’s style sense is far from humdrum.

Ho (whose first collection debuted at PMQ in 2014), along with designer Andy Wong, combines classic tailoring with incredibly rich Canton silk (and, hello, it’s eco-friendly, too!) in their designs, creating beautiful and stylish pieces that are on trend and what any girl would want.

Check out Loom Loop’s collection here.

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La French Cut’s Alice Sachot

Although a newbie to the 852, Alice Sachot of La French Cut is no novice. Ever since she was 7 years old she has had a passion for fashion (a girl after our own heart!). When she moved to HK from France, she figured out just what a girl would want – a high heeled shoe that is both comfortable and sexy. How does she do it?

First of all, she uses a genuine leather lining, upper and lower sole (which means it’s very pliable and will mould to your feet). Second, her selection of handpicked material choices for the upper parts ranges from super soft lambskin, snakeskin, and unique print textiles (think: lace and embroidery). Oh, but wait, there’s more: Sachot will even custom makes her shoes to fit your feet. That’s right – women who have “feet issues” can now get beautifully crafted shoes tailor made just for them. Wouldn’t you be watching her if you were us?

Get a peek into La French Cut’s spring/summer collection here.

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Cynthia & Xiao's Cynthia Mak and Xiao Xiao

Working with some of the hottest names in fashion (Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood), Hong Kong-born Cynthia Mak honed her craft and later moved back home to HK where she and Chinese designer Xiao Xiao collaborated to make fashionable, fresh and trendy knitwear.

Their designs are strikingly bold in colour with simplistic, easy silhouettes. These knits are not what you’d envision – they are smart, sexy and Mak’s background in graphic design coupled with Xiao’s brilliance with knitwear produce outfits that are fun, flirty and definitely some we want for ourselves.

Check out the spring/summer collection by clicking here.

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