31 January, 2019
Sassy Speaks Episode Three: How to Make Friends and Influence People
Sassy Speaks Episode Three: How to Make Friends and Influence People
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Sassy Speaks Episode Three: How to Make Friends and Influence People

31 January, 2019
Sassy Speaks Episode Three: How to Make Friends and Influence People

Ever found it hard to form genuine connections and keep healthy friendships in Hong Kong? You’re not the only one!

We’ve been your guide for all things Hong Kong for the last ten years, and to celebrate, we’ve decided to take the leap into the brave new world of podcasting! Each week we’ll sit down with two amazing guests to have candid conversations on a whole host of topics that you’ve told us you want to hear more about. There’ll be a new episode every Thursday for the next seven weeks, so be sure to subscribe to us on iTunes or your favourite podcasting platform so you don’t miss a thing.

Hands up if you had a hard time making friends when you first came to Hong Kong? Or have you lived here your whole life but still feel like you’re in search of a solid crew? It can be difficult getting to know people beyond the basic “so what brought you to Hong Kong?”. We’ve all been there. So, to make our lives a little easier, we brought in two of the most social people we know, Genna and Sarah from Highlight Asia and Girls of LKF, to give us their life hacks on just how you can go about making friends in our city. These girls are pros, people, so listen up!

“You have to make a bit of effort. You can’t expect people to just be your friend.” – Sarah Vee.


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About Our Guests:

Sarah Vee and Genna Bennett Soh are the girl bosses behind boutique PR, Digital Marketing and Events agency Highlight Asia, and the founders of Girls of LKF, the social group to connect likeminded women in Hong Kong. You can find them on Instagram @gennita and @sarahmamavee.

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