29 October, 2015

5 Last Minute Halloween Make-Up Looks

29 October, 2015

Grab a make-up brush… we’ve got the best Halloween looks for you!

Halloween in Hong Kong is a rather fast paced affair. Who has time to carve pumpkins and customise costumes when there is work to be done and happy hours to be enjoyed, hey? For many of us, this attitude could result in one too many margaritas and a total lack of Halloween related purchasing. Luckily for you, I have found 5 freaky facial transformations which will ensure you look the part, armed with just fifteen minutes, a face paint palette and a few makeup essentials. There’s no need to sacrifice your happy hour hilarity! You’re welcome girls.

half face skeleton

Half Skull

What is more appealing than instilling terror on all that pass you by on Halloween? That’s right – retaining half a face of glamour. The compact shopping list of black and white face paint ticks the budget box, and the contrast of the bright red lipstick is so satisfying it’s almost naughty. Win, win, win.



Whether you opt for cute or creepy, clowns are a strong contender come 31 October. Dig out your most atrociously patterned clothes and whip your hair around the tongs. You can get jazzy with face paint, or simply befriend your liquid eyeliner and fashion a couple of tear drops. Tadaa.

bloody eyes

Bloody Eyes

Probably the simplest of my top 5 to execute, but undoubtedly one of the most effective. Bleeding eyes are enough to give anyone nightmares, and all you need is a little red face paint and about ten seconds in front of a mirror. To round off this haunting look, don an all-black ensemble and deathly dark lips.

sugar skull

Sugar Skull

If you’re feeling a little Latino, and also rather lucky with regards to your face painting skills, then a sugar skull is your perfect match. I hear that red, white and black are the traditional colours, and they are probably the most sombre shades a basic face paint palette has to offer. But when embellishing your face with such gorgeous patterns, I say get the whole rainbow involved. Whack a rose or two in your hair and you are ready for the dance floor my friend.



Who knew contouring could be creepy? Get your collar bones involved in some eye shadow action to create a zombie look that’s a cut above the rest. Rip up an old t-shirt, back-comb your hair to within an inch of its life and welcome a burgundy lipstick into the mix. My word, zombies have never looked so Sassy.

Happy Halloween ladies! 

Images 1, 3 & 5 sourced via Instagram @isabellekategm, Images 2 & 4 sourced via Pinterest. Main image sourced via Pinterest.

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