21 January, 2013

Introducing ZAOZAO, your chance to help cool new designers while bagging unique items for your wardrobe!

21 January, 2013

Feeling bored with the HK shopping scene and visiting the same places over and over again? Want to support up-and-coming designers whilst also snagging some unique new pieces for your wardrobe? If so, our latest Sassy discovery should be right up your street – say hello to ZAOZAO!

Those were the very dilemmas of two super sassy Hong Kong girls, Ling Cai and Vicky Wu… so rather than sit moaning about it (like we do!), they instead created ZAOZAO! A one-of-a-kind crowd-funding shopping platform, ZAOZAO allows you to support cool new designers whilst also discovering fabulous unique items – all on one website and all just a few clicks away! You won’t have to scour loads of magazines and blogs for the hottest emerging talent; ZAOZAO has instead collected a selection of the very best just for you and with your help, they can start living the dream, creating stylish and stunning pieces especially for your wardrobes.

How does it work? Well, the designers upload their latest projects for you to browse on www.shopzaozao.com; when something takes your fancy, you pre-order the item, which in turn funds the production of the design. If the item gets enough pre-orders within 29 days, then the designer knows they have enough interest to get their babies off the ground without losing money or having excess stock to deal with – and you get that lust-worthy dress/handbag/pair of shoes/necklace in your wardrobe!

What’s more, ZAOZAO offers free shipping worldwide and the limited number of the items produced means that you won’t be seeing everyone and their aunts all wearing the same thing as you – result!

GIVEAWAY: ZAOZAO is giving away $8,000 worth of items from their stable of emerging designers! Simply click here and “like” ZAOZAO on Facebook, then share your favourite post from them on your own wall until 9 February 2013 – the more posts you share, the more chances you get to win, and multiple winners will be chosen (yay!).

So now’s the chance to help fresh creative talent turn their dreams into a reality whilst also bagging yourself some affordable, awesome and unique new additions to your wardrobe – it’s a win-win situation!


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