29 July, 2015

Light as a feather! INNRSTYL launches lightweight, functional fashion in Hong Kong

29 July, 2015

Sick of wearing the same old office clothes? Well, you’re in luck because this summer we’ve discovered a unique new brand that will help you beat the Hong Kong heat. Think lightweight, fashionable and most importantly, comfortable clothes and accessories that are super easy to wear to and from the office… INNRSTYL have curated a cool selection that you can wear without worry.

INNRSTYL aren’t just another fashion brand selling a predictable mix of boring work-wear. Each piece puts YOU first, so you can guarantee that you’ll feel totally relaxed and comfortable when you slip on their designs. We love their Svelte Comfort Dress Pants, which feel like our favourite pair of yoga leggings. The material is so similar to active-wear that you can stretch and bend any way you want without having to worry about an embarrassing rip! Despite being so comfortable, the Svelte Comfort Dress Pants really do look the part, so you can wear them to the boardroom, an interview or a formal ‘do and look smart and professional while still feeling incredibly comfortable. Say goodbye to that stiff pencil skirt, and don’t forget to snap up a pair of Stealth Comfort Dress Pants for any men in your life, too! Comfort and quality should be for everyone, after all…


Not only does INNRSTYL offer these practical yet stylish pants, but they also stock the wonderfully lightweight THE UT LAB shoes. The ‘NINJA’ series of this shoe highlights the innovative design and technology, which makes the shoes extremely comfortable and soft. The microfiber material makes them super flexible too, so you can fold them up and stuff them in your handbag before you slip into a pair of heels for a night out on the town without worrying about the bulkiness or extra weight! What’s more, the LIGHTWING model even uses paper as the key material… yep, paper! You’ll be amazed how lightweight these fun and functional shoes are. These pretty, paper-thin (literally!) Light Wing Blue Nebula kicks are perfect for running around town in, and they’re also water resistant and tear-proof.

Sassy Special Offer

If you’re looking for clothing and shoes that will make you feel like as a feather then make sure you snap up this special offer for Sassy Girls from INNRSTYL. You’ll get 10% off if you simply enter the code SASSYHONGKONG during checkout… who says fashion can’t be comfy?! This offer expires on Saturday, 31 October, 2015.



Brought to you in partnership with INNRSTYL
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