29 August, 2010

Beauty Inspiration- Hong Kong

29 August, 2010

Hong Kong is really such an incredible city. The buzz and energy are undeniable and can be felt the second you open your eyes in the morning. Every street block is filled with life and something waiting to be discovered.

I’ve put together three makeup looks inspired by the energy, beauty and colours of Hong Kong.

1. Flower Market

I really enjoy strolling through the Flower Market to take in the gorgeous colours and sweet scents of the flowers. I’m always drawn to the deep pink Peonies and Star Lilies, so it’s only natural that I have chosen Clinique’s Air Kiss Lip Gloss which has a pink tint and reminds me of all the beautiful pink flowers at the market.

2. Jade Market

The Jade Market is one of my favourite places to pick up inexpensive jewelry and gifts for my family (part of the fun is the bargaining). I love checking out all the stalls and searching for hidden treasures and trinkets. The deep greens of the Jade were my inspiration for the eyes; MAC’s Humid Eyeshadow.

3. The Peak Tram

I love the nostalgia of the Peak Tram.  Of course one of the first things I do with visitors is take them to the historical tram to get to the top of the Peak so we can all take in the breathtaking views of the city and Victoria Harbour.  The vibrant red colour of the Peak Tram was the inspiration for my nails: OPI’s Chick Flick Cherry nail varnish.

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