18 December, 2014

Sassy’s Hollywood Hair Makeovers – Part 2

18 December, 2014

Hollywood Hair decided to give our entire Sassy office fabulous makeovers! See Part 1 of our transformations here and read on to see what the rest of our team had done to their ‘dos! From completely different colours to shorter chops, we went all out. See which looks you like best and don’t forget to check out Hollywood Hair for your holiday party beauty needs!


Pre-Hollywood Hair makeover you could maybe say I was in a hair style rut. Out of 365 days in the year I probably wore my hair in a ponytail for at least 355 days. A ponytail as a go-to look? That’s just plain BORING. So, knowing I had this makeover coming up, I told myself that I was going to throw caution to the wind and I decided to get a bob! Luckily, my stylist was on the same page, but then the words BLONDE bob came out of his mouth and I pretty much started to hyperventilate… Fast forward to hair cut day and I was nowhere near Team Blonde. That is until tag team duo, Ben Amey and Trang Hoang (“Brang”!) took me under their wing and gave me the confidence to trust them – there was something about the way they interacted and bounced ideas off each other that made me feel calm. Before I knew it, the inches were being chopped off!

I love, love, love my new lighter look and I feel like this makeover has actually given me a proper hairstyle for once. So, you heard it here ladies. Team Brang is officially Sassy approved in my book!


I’m no stranger to crazy hair. These locks have been coloured from purple to green and back, but the one colour I’d never tried was blue – so when Hollywood Hair offered up a makeover, I jumped at the chance to finally dye it. My stylist Rex was so sweet and accommodating, and I could tell he would do his very best to put a classy twist on my wild request. During my makeover, Rex let me know that my already damaged hair couldn’t handle too many treatments, but he was still going to make sure I got my blue! He also gave my hair a general dark red dye, so that when it grows out it won’t be a chunk of colour. Thinking long term for me? Thanks Rex!

The result was amazing. When it first came out, the blue was dark and muted (like in the picture above – makeup done by Trang), which wasn’t what I expected, but it looked great. After one wash though, the colour started lightening, and became a richer and brighter blue, which I loved! So if you’re looking for a stylist who cares about your hair, Rex is your man.


I’ll admit it, I absolute love getting my hair done, so I was truly looking forward to this mini makeover. I must say, I’m extremely loyal to my hairdresser, so I did feel like I was cheating on him a bit. My hair stylist at Hollywood Hair, Rex, suggested I try out the Brazilian Blowout. It meant no more hours upon hours of blow drying and straightening it if I wanted it to look half decent! I’d also been wary of colouring my hair, but secretly wanted some funky red highlights, so I hopped on board with both of Rex’s suggestions.

After a very long time in the chair doing both chemical treatments, I was so happy with the way my hair turned out! And upon writing this after a few washes, I’ve shaved hours off my hair styling time thanks to the Brazilian Blowout and had numerous compliments for the colour! What a way to start the festive season, with a new hairdo.

As soon as I stepped into Hollywood Hair, Marion – my stylist, came right over to me and we started discussing what to do with my hair. She was really enthusiastic and I let her have almost complete control over what she wanted to do! She was able to play around with ideas and explained to me what she was envisioning… The final transformation took 6 hours, but it was well worth it. The service throughout was very professional, and the staff were all really friendly, the only thing I’d change would be to get slightly comfier chairs for the hair wash, especially as I had to sit in it for long! They nailed the colour to the exact shade, and they wouldn’t stop until they’d got it right. I’m very happy with the outcome, and Marion gave me some basic advice for the aftercare and maintenance.


Growing up in Hong Kong I’ve had my fair share of hair disasters. You name it, it’s probably happened to me: uneven fringe, accidental bob (yes, that was a surprise) and most recently after going in to slightly lighten the colour, I walked out with my hair half bleached. Now, I’m not going to name and shame the disaster spots because that wouldn’t be very neighbourly. I am however, going to sing the praises of the Hollywood Hair team and specifically my stylist Ben. Right from the beginning I was able to communicate what I wanted – back to brunette with natural-looking balayage tips and sleeker, longer layers, please! The team were accommodating and focused on making sure that my hair got exactly what it needed. Thank you Hollywood Hair for the A-list treatment, I’m already looking forward to the next time!

Hollywood Hair, 23/F, 1 Duddell Street, Central, Hong Kong, 2861 9830, www.hollywoodhair.com.hk

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