11 December, 2014

Sassy’s Hollywood Hair Makeovers – Part 1

11 December, 2014

To get us looking all fresh for the festive season, Hollywood Hair kindly offered to give Team Sassy glamorous makeovers! That’s right, all twelve of us in the office had hair transformations, with bold make-up looks to match. From completely different colours to shorter chops, we went all out! See which looks you like best and don’t forget to check out Hollywood Hair for your holiday party beauty needs!

I’m always down to try something completely new, so when Hollywood Hair invited us over, I leaped at the chance. Without any real idea of what I wanted (other than wanting to basically be Zooey Deschanel), I was eventually talked into going blonde with full bangs by Ben and Trang – a big leap for a Eurasian girl who’s never dyed her hair before. It was quite nerve wracking not knowing what to expect at the end of the day (I was convinced for ages I was going full on Marilyn Monroe blonde), however Trang immediately understood exactly what was best for my hair type and we settled on more of an ombre effect. Everybody was so lovely and I absolutely love the way it turned out, even if I still double take every now and again in the mirror. Thanks!

I tried to cut and colour my own hair about two years ago and ended up with an orange afro on my head… not a good look. The incident hampered any desire for a dramatic hairdo, so I opted for a simple blowout by Benjamin and clip in hair extensions after a consultation with Yentl. Because my hair wasn’t undergoing a huge transformation, Rennie made sure my make-up stood out. The team was so much fun to work with and I was kept caffeinated while typing throughout the day. Yentl was very understanding when I decided last minute that I didn’t want to go for a Brazilian blow out, Benjamin gave me the best big blow dry ever and Rennie made sure I left with lots of make-up tips and tricks. Dream team!

Usually I go for haircuts and come out with hair just 2 or 3 inches shorter, so most people (myself included) can’t really see a difference. However, this was not the case with my recent makeover at Hollywood Hair!

I went for a consultation for 30 minutes with my Hollywood Hair Stylist was Matthew and after 2 weeks I was back, full of excitement! And I wasn’t disappointed… The whole makeover took around 5 hours and it started with an amazing haircut, which saw 5 inches cut off giving me shoulder length locks. After the cut, I then experience my first fun hair dying process – the tips of my hair were bleached Honey Blonde before being dyed Medium Blonde Level Intensive Red. The makeup artist then turned me into a rock star by applying smokey eyes and a red lip. Wow! I felt like a whole new person, ready for all my adventures ahead.


I’m one of those people who gets a haircut about once a year (if even), preferring to do my hair up in a quick bun or braid instead and only curling/blowdrying it on very special occasions, so when the chance came up to get a makeover from Hollywood Hair I was excited to finally do something about the mop on my head! Since I have a lot of hair and not too much time to spend styling it, getting the right colour was very important to me. With the right shade, you can stand out no matter if your hair is pulled up into a bun or twisted on the side! I had always wanted to go slightly red, so after a consultation with my stylist, it was off to a new look and ‘do. While it took a few tries to get it right (the initial colour came out a bit too orange), my stylist was very happy to keep working with me until it was just right, and the resulting colour was perfect – just enough to stand out without being over the top!


I rarely get my hair cut and I have to admit that it had been a while since I’d even entered a hair salon when I went to get my Hollywood Hair consultation. I was very open to any suggestions, and my lovely stylist Marion had complete freedom when it came to the chop… so she took 10 inches off my scraggly locks! I had the remnants of a dodgy blonde dip-dye, so it felt amazing to cut off all those split ends. My short bob instantly made me feel lighter and my hair looked healthy and shiny. Marion also managed to put in some very subtle chocolate and chestnut highlights that blended in with my natural hair colour. She finished off the look with some Lauren Conrad-esque curls and I was then given a fresh face of make-up. While the bright green eyeliner wasn’t quite my style, it felt great going out for dinner afterwards with a whole new look… even though my boyfriend had trouble recognising me at first! Overall, I’m really happy with my shorter hair-style and I’d definitely go back to Marion, who was very considerate, careful and sweet.


For me, a visit to the hairdresser is like a visit to the dentist, so I was initially apprehensive about my makeover at Hollywood Hair. One hairdresser seemed over excited by the idea of taking my hair a striking few shades lighter with a full head tint… but the over riding feeling of guilt that I was cheating on my usual hairdresser overcame me. So when the soothing South African accent belonging to the wonderful Yentl assured me everything was going to be ok, I definitely felt relieved! Feeling confident in her vision, I sat for 20 minutes under a heat source indulging myself in biscuits as I discovered her years of experience were not just in hairdressing but in Fashion TV and advertising too. Afterwards I was lead to the sink for my hair wash and head massage, which was so relaxing it made me want to check in for the week.

After my make up and blow dry was complete, I felt like I was ready to enter myself into a beauty pageant. Thank goodness I left my hair in the fate of Yentl’s safe yet skilful hands. The team was playful and in my seat I felt very at home, but most importantly Yentl did a great job of dealing with ‘the client from hell’!

Hollywood Hair, 23/F, 1 Duddell Street, Central, Hong Kong, 2861 9830, www.hollywoodhair.com.hk


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