Holiday Gifts for Dad

Dads are sometimes the most difficult to shop for, these are our ideas:

For the New Dad:

Jogging Stroller

If Daddy likes to exercise and spend time with baby, then he is going to love a great jogging stroller. Baby will enjoy a nice ride and probably nod off to sleep while Dad gets the chance to burn those extra calories. Jogging strollers are great for HK because they are durable enough to handle all the bumps, curbs and steps along the way.

Visit Bumps To Babes to find the make and model of your choice. For location information go to

For Your Dad:

Sony Digital Photo Frame

Your father will be moved when you give him a digital photo frame pre-loaded with pics of you and him. We promise this frame will go straight to his desk at the office and he will be the proud poppa showing all his colleagues the photos of Daddy and Daughter!


For Any Dad:

Cooper Cooler Wine Chiller

Not only does this chiller get a bottle of wine cooled in less than 6 minutes, in only 1 minute it gets a beer can ice cold. For the wine enthusiast this may be the ultimate gift. This is a fantastic gift that any guy from your own father to your boss will love.

Approx $600

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