Holiday Gifts for the Creative Guy

He loves to write poetry, he can’t wait for the next gallery opening, his dream is to have all the time in the world to discover new ideas and concepts….then these gifts are perfect for him!

Art Jamming Session:

His creative juices will flow as he spends a few hours unleashing his inner Picasso! Art Jamming provides all the necessaries to make his vision come to life: the paint, brushes, canvas , and even some music to set the mood. It doesn’t matter if he is talented or challenged when it comes to painting, this is a great gift for any guy who wants to chill out and unwind. Warning, he may come home with “artwork” that he thinks will be perfect for over the family room couch!

Price: $400 – $1200
Where to Buy: Art Jamming, 123 Wellington Street, Central, 2541-8816

Photography Lessons:

The Hong Kong skyline screams out “take my picture!” HK is the perfect place to take a photography lesson. With some of the world’s most incredible buildings and gorgeous beaches like Shek-O it is definitely the ideal setting for the novice learner.

Price: Varies depending on private or group lesson
Where to Buy: Hong Kong Photographic

Cooking Classes:

What is better than a guy who can cook?! The YWCA offers all kinds of cooking courses like Chinese, Thai, and even baking homemade bread. He will absolute love learning the latest culinary secrets to help him create the most delicious dishes.

Price: $280-$440
Where to Buy: YWCA, 3/F 1 MacDonnell Road, Central, 3476-1340

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