15 December, 2014
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Grand Hyatt Steakhouse – an exceptional evening!

15 December, 2014

First Impressions
Amazingly cosy and intimate considering its setting in such a large scale hotel, the Grand Hyatt Steakhouse makes for the perfect low-lit date night. We were lucky enough to be seated in one of the secluded booths but all tables have a sense of privacy, surrounded by muted walls, leather chairs and the scent of seared meat giving the restaurant a rugged feel perfect for encroaching winter’s nights.Champagne Bar_Champagne Selection_3The Drinks
The wine list is mightily impressive, as are the prices. As something of a wine lover it was clear that the selection on offer was expertly chosen, but the prices were significantly marked-up as you would expect in a Hong Kong luxury hotel. There are some “cheaper” bottles on offer for around the $800 mark but most will set you back at least $1,200. We asked the wonderful sommelier’s advice and were guided to a young but intense and smooth Napa Valley Cab Sav that was the perfect accompaniment to our meat heavy meal. Wines by the glass are available but will set you back about $240 each.

Grand Hyatt Steakhouse_Seafood & Oyster Bar + Salad BarThe Service
Two words summarise the service we received; utterly delightful. The staff were knowledgeable, charming and took great care of us. They patiently catered for our indecisiveness when it came to choosing what to eat, my gluten sensitivity and managed to expertly guide us through our meal with promptly topped up glasses and cleared plates in a way that didn’t intrude on the intimacy of the night.

Crab Cake_3The Food
As a steak lover, I had done my research before dining at the Steakhouse. I knew the starters were un-missable but that to avoid red meat overload we were best off sticking with the seafood specialities. The husband went for the famed crab cakes. Incredibly light, flaky and overwhelmingly tasting of crab, something most crab cakes miraculously manage to fail in, these were the perfect initiation into the quality of food to follow. My scallops topped with morsels of tomato and crispy bacon were no less delicious and we determinedly scraped our plates clean.

Tenderloin_2However, our feeling of having conquered was quickly removed by the monolithic Canadian Porterhouse that we ordered. A whopping 32 ounces it was served on the bone giving us a taste of two very different cuts of beef; the more fatty and juicy top loin and the buttery smooth tenderloin. The menu recommends sharing this between two, which we dutifully did, but in truth, it could have fed 3-4 people less gluttonous than ourselves.

Dry-Aged US Tomahawk Rib Eye Chop_1

Served with your choice of sauces including béarnaise, red wine jus, horseradish cream and others, we were then presented with a tantalising selection of mustards. The steak was absolutely perfect – wonderfully chargrilled on the outside and perfectly pink in the middle. I favoured the fatty top loin, which in my opinion didn’t need the addition of any of the sauces or mustards, no matter how delicious they were. But the tenderloin kept tempting me back as it was buttery soft and paired perfectly with truffle mustard and horseradish cream.

In truth the steak alone could have fed us for a week. But we were determined not to be defeated and noticeably impressed the kitchen staff with the amount we ate. The fact that we also devoured an entire portion of light and crispy truffle fries might explain the bulging bellies by this point.

Dark Rum Baba(3MB)

The problem with perfection is that it makes you greedy. When asked about dessert we knew they would all exceed expectations so the kitchen very kindly prepared a tasting platter for us. At this point my stomach was screaming out to me to stop but my taste buds got the better of me. The apple crumble was warming and wintery, infused with cinnamon spice hints. The chocolate mud pie, dense and rich, and paired impeccably with the raspberry coulis. The crème brulee was good but not my favourite whereas I ended up obsessed with the baked cheesecake – fluffy, light and incredibly moreish.

Understandably we left the restaurant far heavier than we had entered, top buttons undone and wondering if it would be rude to roll out. We were incredibly satiated. Our carnivorous hankerings had been met and our faith in the quality of food on offer at the Steakhouse set in stone.

GHS_Dining Room_1mbThe Verdict
I have no doubt in resolutely recommending the Steakhouse to any meat lovers looking for a memorable, intimate night out. However, there is one big but. The prices here are eye wateringly high. If you look at just the basics; wine at around $1,200 per bottle, steak for two averaging around $1,200, starters at about $250+ and then throw in desserts and side dishes, you can see how your bill could easily top $3,000. But if you go knowing the dent your wallet will take, and looking for some of the best meat in the 852, ginormous portions, unfaultable service and a truly exceptional evening, then this could be the perfect spot for you. It may not have Michelin stars but in terms of tastiness and value for money, in my eyes it surpasses some of Hong Kong’s more renowned but perhaps temperamental expensive offerings. Just one parting piece of advice; go hungry!

Grand Hyatt Steakhouse, Mezzanine floor at the Grand Hyatt, Wan Chai, 2584 7722, http://www.hongkong.grand.hyattrestaurants.com/steakhouse/default-en.html

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