15 November, 2011
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Gough Street Gems: Hong Kong’s Coolest Street?

15 November, 2011

It’s no secret that Hong Kong is a treasure chest. Even if you set out to explore a different spot each weekend, it’s safe to say you’d only scratch the surface of amazing places there are to unearth and explore. Gough Street is one of these gems. Nestled smack bang in the middle of Central, SoHo and Sheung Wan (technically it’s in NoHo), Gough Street is dotted with cool eateries and stylish boutiques.

If you haven’t taken a stroll along this quaint little hot spot yet, I suggest you get your Gough on and add it to your ‘to do’ list, pronto! Not sure what’s on offer? Here are a few of my recommended highlights…


Sidewalk 4-6 Gough Street, Central
2850 7199

Three words: coffee with style. Doubling as a cool café and lifestyle boutique, Sidewalk makes for the perfect first stop if you’re strolling onto Gough from Aberdeen Street. Quality caffeine aside, this store is a personal fave as it’s jam-packed with candles, hand-crafted jewellery, colourful scarves, amazing artwork and everything in between.

Halo 17 Gough Street, Hong Kong
21611742 www.halo-inspirations.com/

I must admit, I walked by this leather accessories shop a handful of times before I finally popped my head inside the door. Thank goodness I did – the range is extensive and the quality is exquisite. I fell in love with three different handbags before deciding which one to buy (it has since become a permanent fixture on my arm). Alongside the selection of bags are items such as wallets, luggage and boots – all worth a look. Sassy tip: Halo goodies make fab gifts for the men in your life!

Kau Ke

Kau Ke G/F, 21 Gough Street, Central

If you walked past Kau Kee without giving it a second look, I wouldn’t blame you – it’s pretty low key and very local. However (if you’re not watching your waistline), it’s definitely worth treating yourself to a cheeky bowl of their famous beef brisket noodles or beef tendon curry. Having been stationed on Gough Street for close to 90 years, the chefs clearly know what they’re doing and the daily lunch/ dinnertime crowds are testament to that. Kau Kee often packs out (especially on weeknights and Saturday afternoons when it’s not uncommon to see a long line snaking out the door and onto the footpath), so be prepared for a short wait.


Homeless 29 Gough Street, Central, Hong Kong Island
2851 1160

There is no way you can miss Homeless. If the crazy signage covered in bendy pipes doesn’t snag your attention then you need to get your eyes tested, stat! Packed to the brim with funky homewares, lighting fixtures, furniture and gifts from all over the globe, you’re likely to leave with the serious urge to give your apartment an overhaul.

Ms B’s Cakery

Ms B’s Cakery 39 Gough St, Central
2815 8303 www.msbscakery.hk/

Lady in Red, Madame Butterfly, Better Than Sex… The names of Ms B’s cake creations pack almost as much punch as their unique flavours. Whether you’re craving something sweet or are on the hunt for a decadent dessert, this little cakery always seems to be buzzing – especially on weekends. The only downfall (if that’s possible with cake), is that you can only buy the mini cakes in sets of three.

Happy treasure hunting!

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