29 September, 2015
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Flex Studio Central – Our Go-To Fitness Spot for Pilates, Barre and Yoga

29 September, 2015

Flex your way to a leaner, meaner you!

This is my official apology to Flex Studio in Central. Ever since it opened a year ago, I had full intentions of trying out a class. And it has officially taken me a year to actually step foot inside the Central Studio (which is located on Wyndham Street). I’ve been to a number of classes at Flex Studio in Wong Chuk Hang and am a fan of Flex in general, but for some reason I just totally failed at checking out the Central location. I can claim the ‘but I have been so busy’ thing, which I guess is sort of true but to be honest, pretty much all Hong Kongers are busy and being on the go hasn’t stopped all the people who enter this studio on a daily basis… So, my excuse is kind of pathetic and for that, dear Flex, I am sorry.

Flex 1

I am also sorry that I had this crazy misconception that the studio didn’t have showers for freshening up after a hard workout. I have no idea how that got into my head but it did and it stuck and maybe in a strange way, it contributed to the fact that I never popped in for that lunch time Pilates Class or the early morning Barre session before heading into the office. Because, to do this, you kind of need to shower after a good sweat. And again, lovely Flex, I am sorry because your changing room and showers are great and just what a girl needs in order to workout and head off to the next thing on her busy schedule.

Flex 2

With the apologies aside, what I did know going into the Central studio was that the classes that Flex put on are top notch. I personally love the small studio feel and the option to do drop ins or a 5-class package if you are not ready to fully commit to more. The class options are perfect for me and are well complimented to what I like to do as a workout (Barre, Yoga, Pilates). I love a good Barre class (Flex instructor Trixie is great!) but for my inaugural Central studio experience I tried a Pilates Allegro class, which was taught by the founder of Flex Studio, Heather Thomas Shalabi.

The Pilates classes are offered in their apparatus rooms and on the night I went we filled the room with eight people working out on an individual apparatus. Heather guided us through the workout which perfectly balanced being challenging and relaxing. No lie, my legs were shaking throughout the session, but in a ‘this thing is really working, I am going to be lean like a dancer’ sort of way.

Flex 3

After class I took my newly toned body up to the front desk to check out the Central class schedule and I’ve already put a mental note in my head to check out some of the early morning, lunch time or after work sessions. I mean, now that I know they have a locker room with showers – I can’t really figure out what my excuse will be now!

Flex, 3/F Man Cheung Building, 15-17 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong, 2813 2399, [email protected]

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