29 September, 2015

The Dating Game: DILFs

29 September, 2015

The older man has plenty to offer…

I’ve been crushing on Jon Bon Jovi. Not just because he performed in Macao at the weekend and I worked super hard to get tickets (not like, turned tricks or anything, but hard enough… although it wasn’t sold out so I could have just bought tickets… anyway).

I mean, look at this. And this. And this. How hot is he?! The man’s still got it!

There’s something to be said about the older man, after all, we’ve been swooning over a salt-and-pepper-haired George Clooney since the beginning of time. Of course, his persistent case of bachelorhood helped because we knew he was available. Despite getting married, he’s still hella attractive.

What makes a man a DILF?

Salt and pepper hair. George Clooney, as above.

Character lines (some people call them wrinkles, but they need to CTFO)

Maturity while being immature. Sure, they can hold an emotional conversation about the state of your relationship, but five minutes later, they’ll be making you giggle over crude fart jokes. Those never get old.

Years of wisdom. An intelligent man is just oh-so-sexy. A man who impresses me with his mind is here to stay fo’ sure.

They’re established. Call me old-fashioned, but a man who’s stable in his career and life in general just ticks all my boxes. Money generally isn’t an issue – I mean, it’s about damn time we started eating at Lupa instead of Paisanos. We’re not in Kansas anymore, Sassy Girls. Or in student accommodation, eurgh, which is surely miles worse.

Life experience. I dated a (not that much) older man with significantly more life experience than I had. He gave me tips and tricks on what to do and where to go on my solo trip to New York, which was totally handy. Of course, he leaned towards the immature side of the scale more than the mature one, which ultimately led to the demise of the relationship (and the fact that he wholeheartedly made moves on one of my gal pals… hope you’re happy with him, honey, because I certainly wasn’t!)

Children. Maybe they have kids, or maybe they don’t. Either way, kids are cute. Especially when they’re hanging off daddy’s leg and won’t let him leave for work. Oh, also, David Beckham and family; ‘nuff said.

That work wardrobe though. I conclude with the opinion that all men look good in a suit (minus an irritating man-bun, of course). And our legs look super sexy wearing nothing but a wrinkled work shirt the morning after…

‘Til next time, you Sassy bunch. I also leave you with this, this, and this.

Ms. Sassy’s tip for the month: Don’t be afraid to go for an older hunk. They’ve got plenty to offer.

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