Sun Hing Restaurant

It may seem like K Town’s all about the up and coming hip restos right now, but the part that we love most about this area is that you get a good mix of local (somewhat historical) eateries too! Thanks to the wild, wild opening hours (from 3am to 4pm), you’ll spot two very distinct group of diners in this buzzing dim sum joint – cab drivers on overnight shifts and hardcore Hong Kong University students taking a break from their all-nighter revision sessions. Sassy’s K Town girl, Helene, recommends their steamed custard buns… the runny, rich and piping-hot filling is a taste of heaven on earth! Be prepared for an overwhelming atmosphere though, you’ll have to learn to fight for your basket of dim sum when they come  fresh out of the kitchen!



Sun Hing Restaurant, Shop C, G/F, 8 Smithfield Road, Kennedy Town, Western District
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