17 September, 2012

Becca Ultimate Colour Lip Glosses & Becca Sun collections – don’t forget the SPF!

17 September, 2012

As cosmetics brands turn to rich hues and crazy colors this season, Becca has instead gone back to basics with their new Ultimate Colour Lip Glosses and Becca Sun collections, all of which feature great SPF protection. Even though we may be saying farewell to summer, SPF is always vital in our daily routine and no one does SPF-infused products better than Becca! So Rach and I decided to get a makeover at their IFC counter to see what these new products are all about.

We were warmly greeted by Jan, Becca’s resident make-up artist and the bubbliest friendliest guy ever. Jan told us that Becca’s look this season emphasises natural beauty with just a hint of colour in the face and lips. Instead of faking a tan, he used the new colourless Mineral Face & Body Sunscreen ($350) together with Becca’s trademark Tinted Moisturiser in Porcelain (both of which offer SPF 30+) for Rach, Sassy’s very own porcelain doll, making sure not to cover her pretty freckles so she didn’t look overly made up.

After using a simple brown palette for her lids and tight-lining her lashes, Jan completed her look with one of their new Ultimate Colour Lip Glosses in Pink Lotus ($300), a juicy bright coral for a sweet summery finish that would be easy to recreate for your average daytime look (see above!).

As for me, Jan opted for the Mineral Tint SPF 30+ Sunscreen ($330) that comes in three shades: light, medium and tan. Jan’s tip was that if your skin tone is somewhere between the shades, choose the darker one as you’d rather look a little more tanned than grey and ghastly! These sunscreens should absolutely become your day-to-day essentials – they’re free from all the annoying aspects of many sun protection products (odd smells, cream that plays havoc with your make-up and complexion colour), boast UVA/B SPF 30+ protection and have been stringently tested so that the chemicals do not absorb into your skin. What’s more, you can use them both on your face and body and they’re so lightweight, non-whitening and blend with the rest of your make-up so easily that you barely notice they’re there… and as an extra bonus, Rach and I both thought they smelled like ice-cream!

To match my darker complexion, Jan reached for two of the brightest lip glosses in the collection! The first one was Malibu Punch, a bright orange that may scare off more conservative make-up lovers – but staying true to Becca’s famous talent for colour matching and natural beauty, the orange meshed well with my tanned skin and did not come across as too overbearing after all! Besides, a bright lip is exactly what every girl needs to brighten up your fall wardrobe!

My second favourite was a bright red called Hotel California that made my lips look super sexy and would be perfect for a night out in LKF. Jan, sticking to his au naturel philosophy, applied just enough so that my own lip colour still shone through and ensured that I was wearing the lip gloss, rather than the lip gloss wearing me!

Jan showed us how to tone down the intensity of these glosses by applying, blending and smudging with your fingertips for a pretty lip look; yoi could also opt for a more neutral ‘my lips but better’ shade, like Palm Breeze (the most popular shade) or Miami Vice (shown on Rach above). The Ultimate Colour Lip Glosses are highly pigmented, feature SPF 15, last around 4 hours with a juicy shiny look and don’t feel sticky either (perfect for Hong Kong’s humidity) – and the best part is, they leave your lips feeling moist and smooth after!

So whilst fall might be fast approaching, that doesn’t mean you should forego SPF – and with Becca’s new beauties, there’s no excuses to miss it out! The next time you come by Lane Crawford, remember to pick up a new Becca lip gloss, try a tinted sunscreen on for size and you’ll be in a summery mood all year round!

The Ultimate Colour Lip Glosses and Becca Sun collections are available at all Becca counters now; you can get a Becca makeover at any of their counters too:

Lane Crawford, ifc Mall, Podium 3, 8 Finance Street, Central, 2111 0125
Lane Crawford, Times Square, 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, 3583 1309
Lane Crawford, 3 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, 2118 3428

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