17 December, 2019
beauty holiday season makeup
beauty holiday season makeup
Beauty, Christmas

4 Ways To Liven Up Your Makeup This Holiday Season

17 December, 2019
beauty holiday season makeup

Who says your makeup shouldn’t change with the seasons?

Christmas is now just days away, so we’re well into the festive period (which is personally my favourite time of the year)! You probably still have numerous social events to attend so, with that in mind, let’s look at four easy ways to liven up your makeup this holiday season.

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beauty holiday season makeup highlighter mac strobe cream

1. Highlighter

I love a good highlighter, it brightens and adds a bit of glam, fun and liveliness to your face. The “go to” spots to apply this product are at the top of your cheeks, the inner corners of your eyes, the arch of your brows and the top of your cupid’s bow. If you are really looking for a good night out and are confident with highlighter, place a drop of liquid highlighter into your foundation and let it glow baby! Just remember my favourite makeup mantra: blend, blend, blend!

My recommended highlighters are:

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beauty holiday season makeup red lipstick MAC

2. Red Lipstick

It is Christmas after all, so why not push the boundaries and start wearing a red lippy? Even if it’s just for your work party! There is a shade of red lipstick out there for everyone, you just need to test and be merry until you find your perfect one.

My favourite red lipsticks are:

beauty holiday season makeup eyeliner kiko intense colour

3. Coloured Eyeliner

If you’re not one to pout your lips with a fab shade of red, then test out a coloured eyeliner instead! It’s fun, it’s easy and, with just a few balanced swipes along your upper lash line, your look will take on a brighter and more exciting level!

My go-to coloured eyeliner is:

beauty holiday season makeup glitter eyeshadow tom ford

4. Glitter Eyeshadow

If you’re in the mood for a bit of sparkle, there are plenty of great eyeshadow palettes out there. Lots of brands now have products where the eyeshadow is more of a translucent wash of colour, and the glitter is the main feature (which manages to stop this trend being over the top and dated). I love adding a pop of glitter to a client’s makeup look and they always comment on how glam and sophisticated it looks!

My top picks are:

Both of these brands have plenty of choice when it comes to colour, so you can choose whichever takes your fancy.

And there you have it, easy, simple and fun. Enjoy every minute of experimenting with your makeup this holiday season!

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Featured image courtesy of Stocksy, image 1 courtesy of MAC via Instagram, image 2 courtesy of Laura Mercier via Instagram, image 3 courtesy of KIKO, image 4 courtesy of Tom Ford via Instagram.

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