10 May, 2012

American Vintage in IFC – all the colours of the rainbow

10 May, 2012

As Hong Kongers, we are in a constant state of motion. Whether we are running around town trying to check of the “to-do” list, chasing the kiddies around at playgroup, or traversing the globe to make sure that you loved ones back home still remember your face, we are a busy group of ladies! To outfit us on our quest to do it all and be all things to all people is the super comfy and super easy to wear brand American Vintage, which has just opened its first store in Hong Kong in IFC.

American Vintage is not actually American or vintage! Hailing from France, American Vintage is actually a clothing line created in 2005 by Michael Azoulay, who saw the need for a line of indispensable basics that outfit you for the everyday. These soft t-shirts come in a staggering array of colours and cuts; some of the pieces even come in up to 35 shades, so you are sure to find something to suit your style!

While exploring the 700sq ft store in IFC, two pieces really jumped out to me as a “must have”. The first was an adorable geometric-y tribal-y printed pair of shorts that are sure to keep me cool all summer long. These would look equally cute with espadrilles and a tied-up cotton t-shirt as they would with a blouse, blazer, and a pair of little pumps. What’s wonderful about these shorts is they are a little longer than the high-street varieties making them more wearable for someone like me, who is on the wrong side of 25!

My second top pick was a pair of cotton pants that would be amazing for travelling around the region! They were light as air and came in several cute colours, the saffron being my persona fave. I would have loved to have had these on my India and Cambodia trips. These would have kept me cool in the searing heat and covered from those abnormally large mosquitoes! I can’t wait to schedule another trip so I can have an excuse to snag an entire travel wardrobe from American Vintage!

American Vintage also stocks loads of menswear so you can both be perfectly outfitted for your travels. Your man may notice you brushing up against him or rubbing his arm more than usual as these t-shirts are so super soft! He then may insist that his entire casual wardrobe gets switched over to American Vintage!

Be sure to stop by the new American Vintage store in IFC and stock up on these wonderful pieces for travel and for everyday attire! You are sure to find a colour that works in your wardrobe and you may just leave with a few more options then you intended! It really is impossible to buy just one when there are so many fabulous hues to choose from!

American Vintage, Shop 3086-3087, IFC Mall, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong, 2234 7859

Photos by Sabrina Sikora Photography

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