9 March, 2022
Claim Your Feminine Power
Claim Your Feminine Power

How To Claim Your Feminine Power

9 March, 2022
Claim Your Feminine Power

Discover steps to harness your feminine power and fulfil your full potential.

It undoubtedly feels good when you’ve been able to complete a whole list of tasks in a day. As women, we’re notoriously known to multitask and we like to keep busy (sometimes to the point of overworking ourselves), otherwise we feel unproductive or not useful. We must, however, remember the importance of being in touch with one’s self. This will ultimately help you to achieve more with effort. Ahead, I’ll guide you through how we can harness our feminine power and use it to our advantage.

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What Is Feminine Energy, And Why Do We Need It?

Between trying to be a useful and productive member of the community, and making sure our well-being is looked after, many of us feel overwhelmed, confused and unsure about how to balance our lives, let along navigate the terrain of femininity.

We are constantly running around, checking off our to-do lists, pushing forward without pause. This is considered “doing” – the so called masculine route to power and success as opposed to feminine “being”. What if there was another way to get the job done without having to wear yourself out? We have been led to believe that our “being” is a weakness, but it could in fact be our greatest strength. A woman is much more powerful “being” in her open and inner feminine power than a woman under the stress and pressure of “doing”.

Claim Your Feminine Power: Feminine Energy

What Is Feminine Power?

We all lust for power in one way or another. But power comes in many forms. It can be intellectual, a strength in character or energetic force. There’s also power in having solid connections and relationships. These are examples of invisible energy.

Feminine gifts and strengths are not always visible and therefore are often overlooked, whereas the masculine “doing” approach to success is more measurable. But success does not need to be quantified. All we should focus on is harnessing our invisible powers so that we may reach our fullest potential.

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What Does An Empowered Woman Look Like Today?

An empowered woman is one that is happy, fulfilled and leads with pleasure. She does things that feel good for her. She makes time for herself and does things that nourish her. The empowered woman knows when and how to switch between the masculine “go” and feminine “flow”. She’s balanced, and has the energy to lift herself up and also those around her. She also knows she doesn’t have to do it all on her own.

The empowered woman asks herself: Am I doing what feels good for me, or am I doing what I feel I’m supposed to do? Does my work and lifestyle give me fulfilment? Do my relationships support me? Now it’s your turn to ask yourself these questions. Answer them honestly in order to help yourself claim your empowered being.

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Claim Your Feminine Power: Power Centre

3 Ways To Strengthen Your Feminine Power

1 Connect To Your Power Centre

Female power sits in a woman’s hips, womb, and heart. However, many women are completely disconnected from the neck down because it seems unproductive to be connected to our bodies. We are constantly in our heads, intellectualising and strategising. We have lost touch with our own instinctual and deeper knowing, which is connected to our womb space.

One of the only times we lovingly connect with our womb is through pregnancy, or sometimes through sex. But what we don’t realise is that the womb is also a woman’s centre of creativity, emotions, desires, love, strength, power and magnetism. It’s our web of life – and it’s mighty! We tend to store a lot of trauma and emotions in our womb from past sexual experiences, emotional relationships, hurt, painful periods or birth experiences. But when we connect to this feminine space lovingly, it leaves us feeling fully alive, open, integrated, and allows us to experience wild freedom in ourselves.

2 Build Powerful Relationships

Accessing the power of your femininity means you don’t build walls; you build relationships. Of course, this first starts with the relationship you have with yourself. Coming from a place of emptiness and longing will only disempower you, making it essential that you take responsibility for your own needs, nourish yourself, and not blame others for your neglect.

As for relationships with others, are you building bridges or walls? Are you allowing yourself to receive? Do you express what you want and need from a place of honesty, clarity and openness? Or do you hold back your feelings? Being in your feminine power means letting go of trying to control every little thing, knowing when to say no, and being open to radical honesty in the moment. This will help build powerful relationship dynamics, creating a dance of polarity between the masculine and the feminine with your partner.

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3 Prioritise Pleasure Daily

Pleasure is not something we often talk about or get taught. We need to go on a path of self-discovery to explore what gives us pleasure (both inside and outside the bedroom). Think about the things that light you up from the inside out. Now practice this daily! When it comes to sex, do you know how to turn on that switch that leads to pleasure, or what turn-offs make you short circuit and disconnect from your pleasure? If not, it’s time to understand this in more depth.

For many of us, shame and past or current hurts tend to hold us back from stepping into our sensual empowerment; it’s necessary to release this in order to feel genuinely embodied in our pleasure. I encourage you to start now and create more pleasure in your life. Stop “doing” less and learn how to “be” more in touch with yourself. That is how you access your feminine power.

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