15 February, 2010

10 Things that make me Happy

15 February, 2010

Here are 10 things that make me happy…in no particular order!

In Style Magazine: I love reading magazines and my day is made when I see an In Style Magazine peeking out of my mailbox!

New York City: There is nothing better than walking through the streets of New York. The excitement and energy of this city is amazing. One of my favourite things to do is window shop on Madison Avenue on a brisk fall day.

Icing: Icing to me is the best part of a cake/cupcake. The more sugar, the better. I usually only eat the icing which I know is a waste of perfectly good cake.

My Family: I have been told that my mood instantly changes whenever I am around my family. It is so nice and comforting to be yourself with the people who know you best.

Coco Chanel: Not the designer, my cat (although the designer is one of my favs too). I love her to death and I hope I make her as happy as she makes me.

Gin and Tonic’s: My husband’s family is a huge fan of this drink. I love cocktail hour at their house because it almost always consists of cashews and Gin and Tonic’s. I save this drink for when I am with them or on holiday because it signifies true relaxation to me.

Thanksgiving: My favourite holiday. Just thinking about it makes me feel all giddy. All my favourite dishes are served (most importantly my Aunt Eileen’s mashed potatoes) but what makes me happiest of all is spending it with my family. I feel truly lucky to have found friends here in Hong Kong that I am able to spend Thanksgiving with now that I can no longer spend it with my family at home.

Love Actually: My number 1 favourite movie of all time. I get goose bumps at so many parts of this movie and it always leaves my heart smiling. My husband did his own interpretation of the scene in the picture below when he proposed to me and I even walked down the aisle to one of the songs from the soundtrack (Glasgow Love Theme) on my wedding day.

Yoga: Yoga is a necessity for me. I adore it and I can not imagine my life without it. It makes me feel content and I am pretty proud of the hard yoga moves I have mastered over the years.

When my Husband dances: My husband loves to dance and I am at my happiest when we are out on the dance floor. Some people are surprised when I say he can dance but he really does know how to move. I have even taken a hip hop class so I can learn to keep up with him!

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