9 April, 2010

Zumba Toning at California Fitness

9 April, 2010

If you’re tired of your daily workout routine and bored of looking at the same wall  every time you try to conquer the treadmill….then you should check out Zumba Toning!

California Fitness, which has locations all over Hong Kong, is now offering an exciting Latin workout called Zumba Toning. This hour long class is so much fun that you literally forget the fact that you’re exercising!

Zumba was actually created in Columbia by a dance choreographer named Beto who is from my hometown Miami, Florida in the US.   I’m sure that this is probably a huge reason that I absolutely love Zumba Fitness and Zumba Toning.  Miami is an international city filled with people from the South Americas and the Carribean.  So a lot of the food, culture and dance influences come from a mix of these Latin and Island traditions.   Zumba is essentially a fusion of Latin and international music with easy to follow dance moves incorporating merengue, salsa and even regatone.  I absolutely love the music and have a blast taking the class.

Maura and I took the Zumba Toning class last week at the Causeway Bay location.  I was so excited because Maura had never done Zumba before and I have been raving about the class for months. I usually take the regular Zumba class, so Zumba Toning was new for me as well.

When we arrived to the class the Latin beats were blasting which immediately put smiles on our faces and got us into the hip shaking mood. To be honest we felt like we walked into a party instead of an aerobics room.  The instructor gave everyone a set of maraca-like weights which help tone your arm and back muscles while dancing.  I’m not usually great with following choreographed dance moves which is fine for a class like Zumba Toning.  As long as you have fun and try to shimmy to the rythym then you will seem like a pro! The hour long class was over in an instant.  Maura and I were having such a great time laughing and dancing that we couldn’t believe how quick the hour felt. During most classes I watch the clock and every minute seems like an eternity!  Though the hour went by quickly we definitely felt like we had a great  cardio and conditioning workout.  In fact, we were both drenched in sweat and a bit sore.

I highly recommend this dance-fitness class.  To try out Zumba Toning, contact California Fitness!

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