Xi Shi Well Being – Bringing Relaxing Massages to your Doorstep

So I will admit it, my favorite thing about living in Asia is the massages. I am a huge fan of any sort of massage whether it is body or foot and I recently discovered a new service that makes body massages SO much better! Xi Shi Well Being is a women’s only mobile massage service that allows you to have all the benefits of a professional massage in the comfort of your own home (or hotel).

Spa lover Rebecca Ting created Xi Shi because while she loved all the pampering she received when getting a massage at a spa she didn’t like the ordeal that came after her treatments such as redoing her hair, reapplying her makeup and the all over groggy feeling she had as she stepped out of the darkness of the massage room and into the busy HK streets. We all can understand Rebecca’s feelings and I can’t even count the number of times I woke up after a massage wishing I could be transported straight into my bed.

After hearing about Xi Shi I had to try it out for myself and I am so happy I did. The whole process from start to finish was a very pleasant and relaxing experience. After I booked my appointment I answered a few questions that ranged from the type of pressure I liked to the choice of music I wanted to listen to during my treatment. My therapist (Xi Shi only has women therapists) arrived 15 minutes before my scheduled appointment and made sure that everything was prepared for my treatment. She set up the towels on my bed, turned on the music and created a very calming environment for my massage. Being that I was in my own bed I found myself slipping in and out of a deep and comforting sleep and the best part was being able to put on my comfy clothes after the service was finished. I had my massage in the evening and I could have easily gone straight to bed. I would suggest not having any plans after your massage…because all you will want to do is relax at home!

The service was so good that my husband came home to a very de-stressed and happy me that evening. Being a massage lover as well, he was pretty jealous of me too. I guess he will still have to go to the spa for his massages but I am now hooked on having the spa come to me!

Check out Xi Shi’s website for more information on the variety of services that they offer. You can book online or call (852) 2892-7399.
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