17 February, 2010

Wide Open Spaces

17 February, 2010

My dream is to one day live in a loft. I am without a doubt a city girl and my ultimate would be to live in a modern loft with huge windows, high ceilings and as little walls as possible. I can’t really picture myself living in an actual house. I don’t get giddy with excitement thinking about a huge lawn or garden (this to me means yard work), and the peace and quiet that comes with living out in the country or suburbs is only something that I want out of a vacation home.

A loft like living space is the perfect place to entertain and be social. The kitchen is essentially in the middle of everything and even when you are doing separate things you can still feel connected to your family. Now, we all need our own personal space so my ideal loft would be one in which there is an actual bedroom with walls or even some stairs (I have lived in an apartment for so long – I can’t even imagine having stairs in my own house!) that lead to private sleeping quarters.

For me the main criteria at the moment is a large open space. I am drawn to the below to spaces and would jump at a chance to live in either of them. They are completely different in colour palette but I am swooning over both of them. I know that lofts can sometime come off as cold and dreary so it is important to bring in some feminine touches like an amazing chandelier, flowers and photos.

Converted synagogue in NYC

Converted warehouse in Vancouver

The number one thing to living in a space that is so out in the open is organization and minimizing the things you keep in your life. Spaces like these need unique and stylish ways for storing clothes, suitcases and so many other things that you usually just stash in an extra room or closet. Before realizing my dream I think I am going to have to conquer becoming neat enough to live in a space like this!

What does your dream living space look like?

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