With the ENTERTAINER 2018 App, Your New Year’s Goals Are Just A Click Away

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Goal: I won’t lie, 90% of my home furnishings come straight out of an IKEA catalogue, so my goal for this year is to invest in at least one quality piece of decor to be the statement piece in my room and make my aesthetic slightly more refined. I knew I could rely on the simple, but very cool designs available at HOMELESS, and I was drawn to the Cu Clock by Magis, not just because of the savings offered, but because I find myself constantly looking at my phone for the time and it would be great to have an analogue presence in my space to cut down on my tech addiction!

Offer: Save $240 on Magis Me Too Products at HOMELESS
Estimated savings: $240

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Goal: New year, same fitness resolutions… but this time I’m sticking to them (promise!) by making more time for classes that I really enjoy. Nothing beats waking up and working up a sweat by busting out some serious punches and kicks. I’m definitely not a yoga kind of girl…

Offer: 50% off Private Thai Boxing Session at 1A Fitness
Estimated Savings: $400

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Goal: This year, I’m aiming to get out of my comfort zone a little and try out some fun new hobbies, so the ENTERTAINER’s Paint Jam offer has definitely caught my eye! Not only has it inspired me to get back to my creative roots (hello, A-level art), but the saving of $310 on a three-hour session, may mean I actually stick to this resolution…

Offer: 50% off 40×50 Paint Jam 3 Hour Session at Art Fete
Estimated savings: $310

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Goal: 2017 was a good fitness year for me, but I’m hoping to explore some more fun and alternative activities are fun but also get my heart rate up. Trampolining would be a great fit, because I get to embrace my inner five-year old child but still burn some serious calories!

Offer: 50% off 60 minute admission at Ryze Trampoline Gym
Estimated Savings: $150

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Goal: Every year my hair gets a little less ‘natural’ in colour, so I’m hoping to cover those greys without having to use harsh chemicals. So when I checked out the ENTERTAINER app, I was loving the 50% off Organic Colour or Highlights from emmanuel f! I can’t wait to get coloured, blow-dried and beautiful while sporting a (ahem) natural brunette ‘do!

Offer: 50% Organic Colour or Highlights from emmanuel f
Estimated Savings: $700

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