28 June, 2017
studio city summer love pool party
studio city summer love pool party
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5 Tips For Surviving A Pool Party in Macau

28 June, 2017
studio city summer love pool party scoop

Ways to have fun and look good at a pool party


Summer is here, so bring on the heat because the Summer Love Pool Party at Studio City is back! For the second time this summer (with only one more date in August!), this event promises to be one you’ll be signing up to experience again! With an international lineup of incredible DJ talents, see Macau’s unique tropical themed-pool paradise for yourselves! And because we have your best interest at heart, we’ve come up with five tips for how to survive this pool party (you’re welcome!). Do yourself a favour and check all the boxes below to guarantee a good time!

Pace Yourself

This is meant to be an all-day event, so don’t start chugging your first brew the second you get there! Drink plenty of water, stay hydrated and drink responsibly. If you want to grab a bite while you’re there (always a good plan!) be sure and check out the snacks bar at the pool area. And keep those jelly shots to a minimum, girls!

Comfort Is Key

You’ll be in and out of the pool all day. Make sure you’re wearing comfortable clothing (and swimsuits), and that you have the right footwear. Don’t forget the sunscreen (burns are so last century) and anything else to make your time there as memorable (in a good way!) as possible.

studio city summer love pool party

Meet Other People

You’ll be here all day, so why not make friends with the people who share your love of great music, cocktails and fun? Strike up a conversation while splashing around the pool, smile as you dance the night away and join in the party games when you see them happening!

Pack Your Essentials

You’ll be splashing about all day long, so make sure you are well prepared. But whatever you do, don’t overpack! Bring a bathing suit (or two – you never know!), a change of clothes, your towel, a pair of cheap sunglasses (you don’t want to lose your Ray-Ban’s!) and flip flops. And if you’re in doubt, check here to see if you’ve got everything covered.

Get Sorted

Don’t want the party end? Book a room at Studio City and turn a day of fun into a weekend getaway. Enjoy the entertainment offerings like joining Batman to battle through the explosive action and heart-stopping gunfire on the streets of Gotham City at Batman Dark Flight, experience a ride on Golden Reel – the world’s highest figure-8 Ferris wheel and admire the breathtaking views of the city 130 meters up in the air. Or to treat yourself a relaxing Spa after a fun day would be another wise choice!

Now that you’re well prepared and on your way, here are all the details you will need to know for Pacha Macau’s next blowout Pool Party:

When: Saturday, 15 July, 2:30pm to 10:30pm; after party begins after 10pm
Who: DJs from Mars, Lush Simon, Hugel and more
Where: Outdoor Pool, Studio City; After party at Pacha Macau
Early Bird tickets: $450 (Offer ends 5pm, the day before the party) Click here to book your ticket!
At The Door: $550

Brought to you in partnership with Studio City

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