5 Junk Packages to Book for Under $500

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The All-Inclusive Junk

Anyone who has planned a junk before knows how hard it can be, so an all-inclusive option is perfect for those who like to make life a little easier. While some junk packages can run high on price, this option from Yacht Holimood is priced at just $491 per person. The package includes lunch (with roast chicken, salads and dessert), along with drinks (24 bottles of rose or white wine, 240 cans of beer and unlimited soft drinks and water). The boat fits a maximum of 44 passengers, so start gathering up your friends now to keep the cost under the $500 mark!

How much per person: $491 (44 passengers required)
How to Book: Book online via the Yacht Holimood website here

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The DIY Junk

If you’re looking to tailor-make your junk experience, why not try booking your boat, food and booze separately? There are plenty of choices out there and this can also help to keep costs down! An option that we like the look of is this Classic Chinese Junk Boat form Viking Charters. Priced at $5,100 for a weekend trip and fitting a max of 28 passengers, fill up this boat and it will cost your guests just $182 per person. Catering options are a plenty in the 852, but a budget friendly and tasty choice is Cali-Mex. Go for catering option A or B (priced at $98 or $128 per person) and enjoy a selection of burritos, tacos, quesadillas and more – perfect for soaking up all that alcohol. After the boat and catering costs, you’ll have around $200 to spend on booze and still come in under $500. Check out some drinks delivery services here or other options here.

How much per person: Approx. $300 per person (for 28 people) for boat rental and catering (not including drinks)
How to Book: Book your boat by contacting Viking Charters and order your food online at Cali-Mex

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The Mix ‘n’ Match Junk

Looking to enjoy some delicious Thai food whilst out at sea? Well luckily for you Koh Thai offers up its authentic Thai fare, along with drinks packages and boat rentals all summer long! It does offer a standard all-inclusive package for $680 per person, but if you’re looking to cut costs, we suggest going for the mix ‘n’ match options. This way you can select the boat, food and drinks packages that suit you and your budget. Boat 3 fits a maximum of 40 people, and also includes 2 kayaks along with snorkelling gear, so we recommend this option for the most bang for your buck. The Koh Thai standard fare is priced at $180 per person and you can select which dishes you fancy (with the likes of pomelo salad, fried chicken wings, fish cakes, curries and rice to choose from), then go for the standard drinks package ($140 per person) and select your preferred beers, wines and spirits (240 cans of beer, 14 bottles of wine, 8 bottles of spirits, 136 soft drinks). The total of this does come in just over the $500, but for everything it includes, we’re not complaining about the extra $15!

How much per person: Total cost for boat, catering and drinks is $20,600, so will cost $515 per person for 40 people
How to Book: Book online via the Koh Thai website here

Sassy tip: If you aren’t looking for a weekend junk, Koh Thai also offers its Wicked Weekday deal, which includes boat rental, catering and free-flow drinks for $499 per person (minimum of 20 people)

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The Night Junk

Junk boats may go hand in hand with scorching summer days, but you can also enjoy this quintessential city experience at night. Just the thing for celebrating an extra special occasion, take in the evening city lights aboard a classic HK junk, paired with sophisticated canapés and drinks, of course. You can book both your boat and catering package through Delicious, with the boat rental costing $5,500 (maximum of 30 people), and canapés priced at $150 per person. With the total cost coming in at just over $330 per person, you will then have almost $200 to spend on alcohol!

How much per person: $333 per person (not including drinks) – check out some drinks delivery services here or alternative options here.
How to Book: Book your boat and catering online through Delicious

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The Dim Sum Junk

If you’re short on time or are just looking for a slightly more relaxed afternoon, you can still get a true Hong Kong junk experience on-board the Aqua Luna! To make the most of your ride (and the city views!), go for the afternoon Dim Sum Cruise. Priced at $400 per person, the 60-minute cruise will take you to the old fishing port of Aberdeen and will also include a delicious selection of dim sum favourites from Dim Sum Library, along with one drink per person! The perfect treat for any Hong Kong local or visitor.

How much per person: $400
How to Book: Book online via the Aqua Luna website

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