24 April, 2018
Supermud face mask from glam glow
Supermud face mask from glam glow

5 Fun Reasons to Try this Hollywood-Approved Face Mask

24 April, 2018
Supermud face mask from glam glow scoop

In need of a new facial pick-me-up? Here are five reasons GLAMGLOW is loving face masks this summer…

We’ve tested our merry way through cleansers, toners, serums and creams to find what really works for our skin, but face masks have completely changed the skincare game. We turned to the experts at GLAMGLOW to give us the behind-the-scene benefits of this often overlooked “extra” step in your regular routine. GLAMGLOW began exclusively for backstage and professional use in Hollywood’s Entertainment, Music, Fashion & Award industries – so you can be sure the brand has the A-list seal of approval. The products promise positive visual changes in a quick, easy and effortless way, so it’s no surprise that GLAMGLOW itself produces one of the leading masks in the USA and UK.

We chat to the experts behind GLAMGLOW about their favourite face masking moments…


1. Feel like the star you are

With roots in the professional pre-make up treatment world, even Hollywood artists and celebrities (like Vanessa Hudgens and Drew Barrymore) can vouch for GLAMGLOW’s Supermud Face Mask. It works to deeply cleanse and the instant effect leaves you feeling like a Hollywood Star. Ultimately, it clears skin and prevents breakouts. Check, check, check

2. Girls night in: take a selfie

It may seem surprising but mud masks are seriously trending at the moment. Whether you’re taking a snap during the masking process or right after to showcase your glowing skin, don’t forget to tag GLAMGLOW for the chance to be featured on its IG account. These skin specialists are the ones who started the “mud selfie” trend. Plus, a girly evening in, unwinding over wine, cheese, nail painting and face masking sounds pretty ideal to us. The mask may only take 8-10 minutes, but you’ll have all evening to catch up.

3. Even the men in your life will love it

The Supermud Face Mask is all about working from the inside out, so it’s no surprise that it works just as well for men and women. It quickly becomes a bathroom cabinet staple! The activated charcoal is transformative and leaves your skin with a healthy matte glow. Strong ingredients, like Salicylic Acid, are combined with natural ingredients, like Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf, to gently and effectively create long-term changes to your complexion.

4. Instant effects for time-strapped girls

If you’re looking for an instant effect, this is it. The products boasts PORE-MATRIX, charcoal and a creamy trademark clay. Supermud actually extracts 500 times its own mass in bacteria sebum oils and toxins! You’ll be able to see it for yourself as little dots of Pore-Matrix™ will appear before your eyes. There’s a reason GLAMGLOW’s Supermud Face Mask is known as the SOS mask. It leaves your face looking naturally matte and significantly less blotchy and inflamed (thanks to the soothing calendula and hydrating aloe). glamglow products - review supermud face mask

5. Your face is your canvas

Whilst makeup was created to hide imperfections, it can also accentuate unhealthy skin. As the final step in your skincare routine, pop open GlamGlow’s signature silver tub, paint it gently on your face, allow it to absorb all impurities (in under 10 minutes!), wash of the hardened grey goo, and voilà! You’re Hollywood ready.

Sassy Perk: Receive some of our favourite GlamGlow samples at FACESS (Ocean Terminal, Tsim Sha Tsui, Lab Concept, Queensway, Admiralty), or the pop-up store at Beauty Avenue (L2, Langham Place, Mong Kok).

Brought to you in partnership with GLAMGLOW

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